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Americans Die In Gaza

Sad news today. Americans were killed in Gaza by a roadside bomb detonated as their convoy crossed it's path.

The Times UK: Yassir Arafat, the Palestinian President, immediately condemned the attack calling it "an ugly crime that targeted American observers as they were on their mission for security and peace."

He has ordered an investigation into the attack

Anyone belive this guy? An investigation? Into what? How to kill more innocent people?

The Times UK: Mohammed Radwan, a Palestinian taxi driver, said that he was at the petrol station when the bomb exploded.

"I was about to fill up my car with gas when I saw the American convoy passing. There was a Palestinian police car in front and then three big [American]cars. When the third one passed, an explosion went off," he said.

I almost hate to say it, but the Palestinian police were leading the convoy...the route was known to someone there in the PA. Typically, in an ambush, you would hit the first and last cars to cause the most damage and confusion. In this case, the police car and two American vehicles made it out of the kill zone (although CNN claims the second American car was hit, not the third). The last car was targeted. Why? The bomb took out the security team for a group of American Embassy officials that were interviewing Palestinian students who were awarded Fulbright scholarships.

Arafat either can't control the extremists and must go because he is ineffective, or he is in control of the extremists and must go because he is the cause of the killing of innocents and the suffering of his people.

Either way, the Roadmap to peace has at least one major task that wasn't identified. Get rid of Arafat.