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October 2003

Veteran's Day - Post 002

Veteran's Day - Post 001 is here.

A reader brought this to my attention that, on the day before Veteran's Day, November 10th, Golden Corral will have a Military Appreciation Night from 5-9pm.

Veterans Day is a celebration to honor America’s military personnel for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. This year’s Golden Corral 2003 Military Appreciation Night brings special meaning to all 400+ Golden Corral Restaurants spanning 39 states as we join together to once again offer all veterans and retired and active duty members of the U.S. military a Free “Thank-you Dinner Buffet and Beverage on Monday night, November 10th, from 5 – 9 PM.

Senator Bob Dole is supporting the Military Appreciation Night event through public service announcements, which encourage all veterans and U.S. military to participate and be recognized for their sacrifice and dedication to protecting our nation’s freedom.

Wow. That's a lot of free food for the vets (Reserves and National Guard are included). Golden Corral might just get more of my business now that I know about this support of the military.

Hat tip to Johnny W. for the information. Thanks!

Blackfive French Boycott Continues

The biggest fight that I have ever had with my wife in over six years of marriage was over my personal French Boycott. She had gone shopping and brought back some wine which happened to be made in France. She opened it before I knew what it was, and I asked her to pour it down the drain.

Of course, my wife knows me well, and she knows how much it would kill me to watch good booze destroyed. But, we went back and forth over it and she finally poured it down the drain, looking me in the eye the whole time. She thought I was crazy. Pouring out wine that was paid for and opened. According to her, I wasn't hurting France by pouring it out. She still thinks I make a big deal out of nothing.

I don't think that I can drink French wine and, to me, it doesn't matter whether it hurts France or not. I don't want to experience the after-taste of duplicitousness and deceit. I have my principles. I have my reasons. To put it succinctly, they, the French, suck.

So, a few days ago, I am in La Perla. It's a lingerie store and it has really nice lingerie. While I'm in the store, I have this great little number picked out for Mrs. Blackfive. I try not to grin like an idiot as I bring it to the register.

That's when I notice the label.

It's. In. French.


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Israel Behind Bombings In Iraq (WTF?)

Well, here we go again. More blind anti-semitism.

Now, Iraqis are blaming Israel for the bombings in Iraq. That's right. This one is courtesy of the Communist LA Times:

"I am sure that the people who did this are enemies of Iraq, not the enemies of the Americans," Dunya Khalil Ismail, a 28-year-old college lecturer, said as she left work Wednesday. "Whether it was the Israelis or the Americans themselves, they are aiming at us."
That's from a college lecturer. A really smart lady.

Yeah, it's not Al Qaeda or the Baathists or the Iranians. Nope. It's got to be the Israelis or the Americans killing themselves and the Iraqis.

Interesting News Today

1. Wow, the GDP rose the highest since 1988! Over 7 percent!

Are the Democrat Candidates scratching their heads right now?

Of course the New York Times is giving them plenty of fodder like this blurb:

"...economists also cautioned that growth was almost certain to slow in the months ahead, as the effects of the the recent tax cut and a surge in mortgage refinancing wear off."

Ah, the only thing to make me happier would be for Saddam to be found on top of a stockpile of nerve agent. That and Osamma to be found with an SF bullet in his head.

2. It seems that NBC has completed the link between terrorists and Saddam. Something the Kurds have been saying for years.

3. Al Qaeda entering South Korea?

Thursday Linkage

Frank J. has some history on Clinton and it's based on a true story.

Donnie of Ain't Done It posted a bio of sorts that is an interesting read.

Banagor has a post on Bin Laden's Bidding - an essay about what the terrorists really want, Victory.

Heather continues her story of her fight with cancer when she was 19: Part III and Part IV.

On the lighter side, you single folks go visit Ross at Rocket Penguin. He has some great dating tips. I still maintain that the best movie to watch on a date is "Hard Boiled". (Anyone?)

This latest story has caused a stir on the 'sphere. It's about LTC West - a commander under charges of assault for using heavy-handed methods of gaining information from an Iraqi policeman in league with terrorists poised to strike LTC West's men. Serenity, Misha, Spoons, 4 Right Wing Wackos and others have posted on it. Any combat vets out there care to comment?

The military community rallies round LTC West. It will be very interesting to see how this turns out. With 33 attacks on American troops per day, LTC West is also receiving support from troops in Iraq.

Mahim Continues the Moslem Discussion (?)

In repsonse to my post about Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors, Mahim (in medical school at Oxford) has taken the discussion to her blog, with plenty of quotes from the Koran (Quran) . She also thinks that the War on Terror is a thinly veiled plan to attack those who don't like the U.S.

Mahim, just one simple question: If that were really true, we would be drinking Budweiser on the Seine right now, wouldn't we?
Feel free to comment here, too, but please engage her blog with thoughtful discourse. Again, here is the link to her blog.

In response, I maintain that Mahim ignores plenty of what the commenters had to say. Here is a taste:

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French Tank Surrenders By Itself

File this one under "It Couldn't Happen to A Nicer Bunch of Surrender Monkeys"

The Rantings of a HomicidalManiak reports that the Leclerc tank is being discontinued.

Apparently they are laying people off at GIAT because the Leclerc is such a failure.

I wonder how they decided it was a failure without even taking the tank out of the shrink-wrap.

Funnily enough, even Saudi Arabia, being sick of our American imperialism and all, doesn't show any signs of wanting anything to do with the frogs' favorite surrender and retreat vehicle

This is the infamous tank that French General Jannier said was superior to the M1A1 Main Battle Tank.

Apparently, it did have three gears for reverse.

Thanks to the Maniak for this bit of good news.