Thursday Linkage
Israel Behind Bombings In Iraq (WTF?)

Interesting News Today

1. Wow, the GDP rose the highest since 1988! Over 7 percent!

Are the Democrat Candidates scratching their heads right now?

Of course the New York Times is giving them plenty of fodder like this blurb:

"...economists also cautioned that growth was almost certain to slow in the months ahead, as the effects of the the recent tax cut and a surge in mortgage refinancing wear off."

Ah, the only thing to make me happier would be for Saddam to be found on top of a stockpile of nerve agent. That and Osamma to be found with an SF bullet in his head.

2. It seems that NBC has completed the link between terrorists and Saddam. Something the Kurds have been saying for years.

3. Al Qaeda entering South Korea?