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Why Doesn't the Media Ever Cover This Stuff

Per Frank J.'s lament that you never hear about the good things happeing in Iraq, I had to go to the Army's News/PR Site to get this stuff:

Story about the 101st Airborne Division helping kids in Iraq.

Commentary on the media's oblivious stance on the progress of the WoT. A key passage:

Yes, there are a few articles about progress in Iraq. But, hopefully, soon there will be more when reporters open their eyes to a few facts on what’s happened in Iraq in the last four months:

· More than 6,000 rebuilding projects have been complete

· Schools, universities and hospitals have opened

· Iraq is transitioning to a representative government: the Iraq Governing Council has selected ministers and a committee has been appointed to draft a constitution.

This may not be enough to convince some reporters progress is at hand. And, they keep reminding us -- Iraq isn’t Germany. Perhaps they should compare progress in the two countries:

· Establish a central bank – Germany three years; Iraq two months

· Standing up a police force – Germany two years; Iraq two months

· Selecting a new cabinet – Germany 14 months; Iraq four months

Here is something from AP (but it was buried deep in the article):

...Monday, delegates from the province of Sallahudin, where Tikrit is located, elected their first interim council, the first such election in more than 30 years. Of the 34-member council, 30 were elected by 120 delegates from the province, while four were appointed by the U.S.-led occupation forces. "It is a solid step forward, a historic event which marks the first step toward the democratization of your province," said Maj.-Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, commander of the 4th Infantry Division and commander of U.S.-led forces in northeastern Iraq. The council's main tasks will include reconstruction and resettlement of displaced Arabs and Kurds.