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Telemarketing F--Ks

Man, Mr. Green and Straight White Guy have me charged up about these idiot telemarketers...

Okay, so maybe only two hours after the Do Not Call List was frozen, my family received over 30 calls. 3 Telemarketers left messages - probably in desperation because they were worried that the List would go back into effect and wouldn't be able to call back.

The bastards called this morning, too. Before the appropriate hour. And now you have to be careful of signing anything because there might be a "call me even if I am on the Do Not Call register" clause.

And last night, I received a call with an unkown number (caller id), and preparing to rip into whoever was trying to sell me something, I answered the phone, "What the f--K do YOU want?!". It was my mother calling from England. *Sh#t!*

So, here is what I propose.

1. We find out which eight Congressmen voted against the DNC register and which 5 Senators abstained from the vote and get them unemployed.

2. Next, since Dave Barry bombarded ATA with phone calls and didn't affect them a whole lot, I suggest we make the telemarketing companies and the names of their employees public. Put up billboards with their company and names - "Have these f--ks called you?". Ostricize them so badly that they would feel like the Captian of the Exxon Valdez when they go shopping or take their kids to school. I want their children to think that their parents killed Santa Claus.

3. Tony pointed out that this has been done before, but we publish the home phone number of the judge and we all give him a call at home at 7:30 pm tonight - right in the middle of dinner with his family.