Shirley Temple Drink Awards - Round 2
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Some Drinks Links for Today

Frank J. has a new In My World with Rumsfeld, quite possibly the most adorable satiric character since Crusty the Clown.

Paul at Sanity's Edge has a post on alcohol. You can read more about Paul here tomorrow.

Misha discusses Steyn on Racism. I dropped a tidbit in the comments on Jesse Jackson and his racist bullsh#t here in Chicago. See update below.

Harvey has another excellent 200 Words post - this one on choices.

John Hawkins covers the CIA leak and what is being missed in the media.

John Donovan of Argghhh! explains the domain name change. Hint: I am of the Robertson and Sinclair clans meself.

Being a Bears fan, I am excited about tonight's game. Although the new stadium looks like an alien spacecraft landed on top of the Parthenon, the first game there should pump up the Bears a little. Annika has the Packers by 4. I disagree. I'll go with the Packers by 10. In something like 27 games the Pack has won 24. The problem with this is that both teams really suck...

Tom The Friendly Ghost talks about North Korea abducting Japanese civilians.

Update: Due to a ghost in the machine, my comments were lost at the Emporer's site. I made the comment that in Chicago, Jesse Jackson poured Budweiser on the street and claimed that Anheiseur-Busch was a racist company...that is until his sons were awarded one of the largest AB distributorship contracts in the world. It even includes Wrigley Field. Now, AB is a great company, according to Jesse Jackass. I won't ever drink Bud in this town again.