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Marines Find Interesting Bricks in Iraq

Here's an interesting story (via LTC M with Centcom) from an event that occured to some Marines in Babil (Iraq) a couple of weeks ago:

At approximately 301000Z Jul 03, the governor's brother, Ahmed (Abu Saif) Witwit, who is in charge of city hall security reported the following information to TF 1/4 XO, Maj Holahan: Three days ago, local police stopped a fuel truck because it had improper license plates. The driver was released (NFI why), and the truck impounded at the government's truck lot. This morning, the governor's brother received an anonymous phone call, offering 15 million Iraqi Dinar for the fuel truck. The governor's brother claims he
declined the offer, mustered six security personnel, and proceeded to the impound lot. At the impound lot, they inspected the vehicle. There were 6 padlocks that sealed the fuel storage tank. The fuel storage tank was empty of fuel but allegedly had "some sort of metal bricks". The truck was taken to city hall and turned over to Major Holahan.

The truck was susequently brought to Babylon. Below are the pictures of what was in the fuel truck. Sounds like a movie script. The bricks are being tested now.

Iraq 2003 - Gold in fuel tank.jpg

Iraq 2003 - Gold and fuel truck 1.jpg

Iraq 2003 - Gold on pallet.jpg

Iraq 2003 - lkbgold.jpg