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The Great Blog War of 2003

Links and Stuff

Retro links...well, from a few days ago. This weekend was kind of slow. I think only Harv over at Bad Money did anything on the 'sphere - this is an ode to "Yes, Dear".

First, here is the dialectizer. For those of you unfamiliar with the dialectizer, you can change your writings or web sites into Jive, Redneck, Cockney, etc. Below is the same statement in Jive:

Fo' dose uh ya' unfamiliar wid de dialectizer, ya' kin change yo' writin's o' web sites into JIBE, Redneck, Cockney, etc. Co' got d' beat!

Next, Frank J. has some bite-sized wisdom for us. I would do anything for Mexican food and beer...well, almost anything. I love Chilequiles for breakfast.

I would hang this guy.

File this under Jesse Jackass. Frank J. thinks we should just arrest him annually during the Labor Day weekend.

Who the hell thinks this guy should be let out of jail for visits with his family? John Hinkley. This kind of crap always gets me going - I get pissed when liberals believe that someone like this can be rehabilitated...

Grab a big cup of coffee, sit back and read this State Department analysis from Stephen Den Beste.