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Links and Stuff

Links and Stuff

Check out this game. Update: looks like a lot of people are hitting this site so try it a little later.

The Alliance of Free Blogs will have a Specialties page up soon.

Mr. Green's hook seems to be letter writing. And he's got some good ones to PETA and Salon.

Frank J. at IMAO has another post on Guns. Seriously, I can get to my .45 Combat Commander and clips (stored and locked in separate places), put it all together and be headed for the only way in and out of my place in less than 13 seconds. I practice to ensure no one gets accidently shot - but not the "model citizens" of my great city who happen to be invading my home - they are going to get shot no matter what, many, many times.

Rachel Lucas has a rant on the lack of planned media rememberances of 9/11 on September 11, 2003. I agree that watered down mentionings of the attacks are nothing less than bullshit and propaganda. Emporer Misha I adds fuel to this fire.

Emporer Misha I exposes more French B.S.