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First, Mr. Green has a rant session on the a$$hole judge that shutdown the do not call list. After I read his blog, I called my home voicemail and had 3 telemarketer phone calls that left messages (and a few suspiscious hang ups) - I won a vacation, I needed digital satellite tv, and a phone company had cheaper rates. GD, these people piss me off.

Next, check out Front Line Voices. If you are military or know military folks and can contribute accurate information from Iraq and Afghanistan. We (I am helping too) need your help - think of it as volunteering to help the ultimate volunteers - our men and women in uniform.

Stephen Den Beste has another informative look at our relationship with the French.

Tom The Friendly Ghost talks about beggar clean up in Bangkok. Bangkok ain't the only city to do this. The mayor of my great city, Chicago, shipped all of the bums to the suburbs when the Democrat Convention was here in 2000.

Rantings from a Homicidal Maniac has a nice post on who to really blame for a large call up of our Reserve military...and I agree with her on the point that if you're a reservist, you should expect to serve when called.

Frank J. does a run down of the debate last night. I watched a recap of it too. The debate was mildly entertaining, that's it though.