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Islam and Peace

Does anyone NOT believe that Al Qaeda is planning a prison break? On Tony Snow's Fox show on Sunday, a few interviewees stated the impossibility of an escape from Gitmo. Well, I am sure no one thought that people would fly airplanes into buildings to knock them down, either. Talk like that is dangerous...and stupid.

My next statement might seem a bit extreme to some of the regulars visiting here.

Are there any Muslims that we can trust? There has been a lot of politic-speak about Islam being the religion of peace. From the President on down - this is horse-shit.

Maybe I should rephrase what I meant: Are there any Muslims out there that we can afford to trust?

When does the cost outweigh the benefit of engaging soldiers, translators and others from a religion that has cost us dearly? And continues to cost us dearly...

I have said this before and I'll say it again...When was the last time, upon seeing an airplane in the sky, that you worried that Mexicans had taken control of the aircraft?

When? mmkay. Now substitute any other nationality or religious affiliation for Mexicans. Mormons? Budhists? Brits? Catholics? Aussies? Polyponesians? Get the idea here? Anything else just seems absolutely ridiculous.

There are those that state that this was the actual intent of Al Qaeda. To spread dissent and distrust between our worlds. Unfortunately, there will come a time when a terrible decision will have to be made. Until someone can prove that there is a peaceful Islamic/Muslim nation or people, we don't have a choice but to carefully watch those in our employ. And damn the ACLU...

Update: Venomous Kate has a take on this, too.