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The Theme for This Week - Drinking

Blogroll Update

So I have this rule. I use my blogroll as a sort of favorites list to check the sites that I like. I don't just reciprocate because I use it to check sites at least twice per day. I think reciprocity makes you a whore.

Anyway, I have been enjoying Sanity's Edge a lot lately. Some of the dating tips had me laughing so hard, I got a bloody nose.

Newer Type Blogs:

I am going to be watching Tom's Nap Room. I stopped by to vote in the New Blog Showcase and was chuckling at this post about Paul Krugman.

Same goes for King of Fools. Just planning on driving by, but stopped for a longer visit.

The Everlasting Phelps has an interesting post on Skidmarks (The Underwear Kind).

It's Saturday. Not much happens on the 'sphere then, so check these blogs out.