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Bloggers to Drink With

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading." - Henny Youngman

Social drinking is more than just a pass-time with me. It's more like a way of life. I've been known to blow through $100 on $1 beer night. When someone asks me for directions here in Chicago, I usually give guidance by the locations of pubs and bars rather than street names. Por ejemplo:

Blackfive: "Yeah, I can get you there. Just go past O'Neil's Tap. Well, stop in if you want and tell 'em Matt sent you. Then, hang a right once you go past Timmy O'Toole's. If you go in there, tell 'em I'll be by in an hour. Go two blocks and when you see Blackie's you are right across the street from Nordstrom."

Anyway, below is a list of a few bloggers that I wouldn't mind having a few or ten pints with...

Mr. Green - Well, he doesn't really count since I do drink with him every so often. The man drinks hard, and I've been trying to get him to do a post on the last time he had to worry about bourbon and bbq ribs on the new carpet. Of course, for every story I have on him, he has a few more on me...

Frank J. - Not so sure about this since Frank is too damn funny and I think most of my drinks would be coming out of my nose. Maybe if he was buying...

Paul at Sanity's Edge - Although after considering some of his posts, I may have to make sure he has a bond card first. I get into enough trouble on my own...add some good scotch and BINGO! we would have fire engines, midget peg-leg strippers in viking helmets and explosions everywhere.

Stephen Den Beste - He would be great to drink with...for about the first one or two pints. Then, I'd be like, "Dude, can we talk football? You're way over my head."

Banagor - Don't know where he's been lately, but I imagine he would be a big gregarious NY drinker. He sent me the first response to my first post on the French General - it was an awesome pat on the back.

Harvey at Bad Money - His style of humor may be more akin to drinking. We'd have to drink something dry as his wit. As long as we could get him out of his Wisconsin Northwoods Lodge (complete with mounted bear's head)...and not talk about the Packers.

Bill Whittle and Misha - These guys couldn't pay for a drink whilst pub crawling with me. Hell, if their writings are any indication, they would probably have everyone in the bar on an American love fest. It would be good to see, wouldn't it?

Then, you have the former (and current) military bloggers: DarthVOB, Argghhh!, Straight White Guy, Alan Meadows, Harvey gets to drink again, Tom The Friendly Ghost, and Boots and Sabers. I would love to get us all in a Chicago union-type bar where they love Hilary and Dean. Now, THAT would be fun.

I think annika and Rachel Lucas might be serious enough drinkers to join us at the above bar. It would be interesting to watch them eviscerate a few of the Chicago democrat studs that would hit on them. Same goes for the Kelly the Patriette, Susie, and Heather...although, for some strange reason, I can't shake the vision of Heather counting the calories of my drinks and talking about man-boobs.