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September 2003

Drinks Links Today

This one via White Glenn/Instapundit - Wesley Clark and Time Travel.

"Even if Clark becomes president, I doubt it would be within his powers to repeal the powers of physics," said Melnick, whose research has focused on interstellar clouds and the formation of stars and planets.

Frank J. has more bite sized wisdom - his take on Bustamante is my favorite.

Head of Network Security for ForensicTec busted for hacking government computers. Jackass!

Argghhh via DarthVOB via Horsefeathers about the left's stance on Iraq.

Stephen Den Beste explores the mind of an Iraqi and why they don't think for themselves...and why ideas are more powerful than bullets.

John Hawkins has more on the Plame CIA Leak.

Harvey keeps taunting me about da Bears. But at least I don't live in Wisconsin...

Paul at Sanity's Edge has Dating Tips for Men #7 posted where he gets answers from Susie, Jennifer, and annika.

Is the UK the next target of Al Qaeda?

Bonfire of the Vanities #13 is up at Wizbang. Yours truly and other sucky bloggers submitted their worst posts of the week...and I had a lot to choose from.

Damn, Don Watkins at Anger Management is one funny SOB.

Islam and Peace

Does anyone NOT believe that Al Qaeda is planning a prison break? On Tony Snow's Fox show on Sunday, a few interviewees stated the impossibility of an escape from Gitmo. Well, I am sure no one thought that people would fly airplanes into buildings to knock them down, either. Talk like that is dangerous...and stupid.

My next statement might seem a bit extreme to some of the regulars visiting here.

Are there any Muslims that we can trust? There has been a lot of politic-speak about Islam being the religion of peace. From the President on down - this is horse-shit.

Maybe I should rephrase what I meant: Are there any Muslims out there that we can afford to trust?

When does the cost outweigh the benefit of engaging soldiers, translators and others from a religion that has cost us dearly? And continues to cost us dearly...

I have said this before and I'll say it again...When was the last time, upon seeing an airplane in the sky, that you worried that Mexicans had taken control of the aircraft?

When? mmkay. Now substitute any other nationality or religious affiliation for Mexicans. Mormons? Budhists? Brits? Catholics? Aussies? Polyponesians? Get the idea here? Anything else just seems absolutely ridiculous.

There are those that state that this was the actual intent of Al Qaeda. To spread dissent and distrust between our worlds. Unfortunately, there will come a time when a terrible decision will have to be made. Until someone can prove that there is a peaceful Islamic/Muslim nation or people, we don't have a choice but to carefully watch those in our employ. And damn the ACLU...

Update: Venomous Kate has a take on this, too.

Bloggers to Drink With

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading." - Henny Youngman

Social drinking is more than just a pass-time with me. It's more like a way of life. I've been known to blow through $100 on $1 beer night. When someone asks me for directions here in Chicago, I usually give guidance by the locations of pubs and bars rather than street names. Por ejemplo:

Blackfive: "Yeah, I can get you there. Just go past O'Neil's Tap. Well, stop in if you want and tell 'em Matt sent you. Then, hang a right once you go past Timmy O'Toole's. If you go in there, tell 'em I'll be by in an hour. Go two blocks and when you see Blackie's you are right across the street from Nordstrom."

Anyway, below is a list of a few bloggers that I wouldn't mind having a few or ten pints with...

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Some Drinks Links for Today

Frank J. has a new In My World with Rumsfeld, quite possibly the most adorable satiric character since Crusty the Clown.

Paul at Sanity's Edge has a post on alcohol. You can read more about Paul here tomorrow.

Misha discusses Steyn on Racism. I dropped a tidbit in the comments on Jesse Jackson and his racist bullsh#t here in Chicago. See update below.

Harvey has another excellent 200 Words post - this one on choices.

John Hawkins covers the CIA leak and what is being missed in the media.

John Donovan of Argghhh! explains the domain name change. Hint: I am of the Robertson and Sinclair clans meself.

Being a Bears fan, I am excited about tonight's game. Although the new stadium looks like an alien spacecraft landed on top of the Parthenon, the first game there should pump up the Bears a little. Annika has the Packers by 4. I disagree. I'll go with the Packers by 10. In something like 27 games the Pack has won 24. The problem with this is that both teams really suck...

Tom The Friendly Ghost talks about North Korea abducting Japanese civilians.

Update: Due to a ghost in the machine, my comments were lost at the Emporer's site. I made the comment that in Chicago, Jesse Jackson poured Budweiser on the street and claimed that Anheiseur-Busch was a racist company...that is until his sons were awarded one of the largest AB distributorship contracts in the world. It even includes Wrigley Field. Now, AB is a great company, according to Jesse Jackass. I won't ever drink Bud in this town again.

Shirley Temple Drink Awards - Round 2

Blackfive says, "Hey, Jackass, let me buy you a drink!" - A Shirley Temple
Okay, folks, here is the latest Blackfive list of people that I would like to buy a Shirley Temple:

5. The folks at the RIAA - While I agree in part with the legal wrangling of the RIAA, I do not believe that taking teenagers to court is the way to go. They believe that making examples of people will stop piracy, but it has not, if fact, stopped or even slowed down. Now, you have people building better mousetraps to get around the RIAA. There are more and more techniques to getting around them. You can download a stream, chop it up and save MP3's from it. The problem is that the RIAA are a bunch of old white-guy lawyers and not visionaries - they need to be able to develop newer technology to either protect or profit from on-line music sharing. Before you go out and arrest another twelve year-old girl, why don't you take a moment and have a drink. Here is a big Shirley Temple toast to you idiots at the RIAA.

4. Judge Lee R. West - Repealed the national Do Not Call Registery. How much do I need to say about this jackass? Free speech entitles you to call every home in the nation to sell me a vacation that I don't want? Hours, only hours, after his repeal occured that I received about 30 phone calls with blocked phone numbers. Free speech? I'll give you some free speech - you are a f--king idiot! Your weak-ass decision deserves a weak-ass drink. Here's your Shirley Temple.

3. Arianna Huffington - At first I thought she was Zsa Zsa Gabor, but not as cute and definitely more annoying. Anyway, her attempted take-downs of Ahnold in the California debate were personal and not based on political stances or solutions to California's problems. She is an obstructionist and not much else so why is she in the race? She is just trying to promote her books and speeches on the cheap. California has enough problems. Speaking of cheap, here's your Shirley Temple, Arianna.

2. Senator Ted Kennedy - Asshat Senator accuses the President of going to war for political reasons. How more vile can he get? Well, not much, unless any of the poparazzi take any more pictures of him in his birthday suit...Remeber those pictures? I couldn't eat for a week after seeing the biggest, wrinkley, white ass of all time. Looking back, this guy actually should have started drinking Shirley Temples long ago. Might have avoided Chappaquiddick...*groan* (I know, I know, too damn easy, couldn't resist, sorry...)

1. General (ret.) Wesley Clark - You can read my first take on the general here. Consider this General who rose to power during the Clinton administration and then was fired by Clinton for his handling of the Kosovo Campaign (remember that war?...*crickets chirping*...anyone?). Anyway, Wesley Clark has waffled on a lot of things, and he is mostly staying ambiguous in order to survive the next few months. He's said that the Bush Administration had pressured him into supporting an attack on Iraq when it was a Canadian non-profit org that had called him. He claimed that they also tried to get him fired on CNN. Now, Clark reportedly told Colorado Governor Bill Owens and University of Denver president Mark Holtzman that "I would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had returned my phone calls." Of course, the White House does not have a record of any incoming calls from General Clark. Now, he says he was against the war, but, just 24 hours earlier, he was quoted as stating he was for the war. Is he a liar or just stupid? He was a Rhodes scholar and graduated first in his class at West Point - you do the math. Either way, he isn't a good choice for President. This guy is as wet as Christina Aguilera's mattress. General, I would like to buy you a Shirley Temple because you are about as interesting as watered-down grenadine and ginger ale.

Round One of the Blackfive Shirley Temple Drink Awards is here.

The Theme for This Week - Drinking

"We had gone out there to pass the beautiful day of high summer like true Irishmen - locked in the dark snug of a public house." - Brendan Behan
First, thanks to everyone who visited last week while I was out. Also, thanks for the feedback on the stories. While I am NOT writing a book, I have a lot more to go. That was the first 8 weeks in a 15 year career. Next up will be how I went from Airplane Mechanic to Paratrooper - you can blame the Army.

Anyway, this week's theme will be drinking. Some of you are not surprised, and, in fact, are wondering what took me so long to get around to it. In the spirit of drinking, I am slightly overdue with the next round of Shirley Temple Awards - stay tuned today. I have been struggling with one guy who seems to keep returning to the list. Why a theme? Well, I need the help since I have been really busy trying to run down some stories for Front Line Voices. It's up and running. Check it out.

Next, in a bit of blogger news, Argghhh! has moved to a stronger, faster site. This is good news as the Donovans are moving from BlogSpot. Check it out and let them know what you think.

Finally, in a bit of drink humor, here is a recipe from the WASP Cookbook, by Alexandra Wentworth (one of the funniest cookbooks of all time ISBN:0-446-91210-7):

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Blogroll Update

So I have this rule. I use my blogroll as a sort of favorites list to check the sites that I like. I don't just reciprocate because I use it to check sites at least twice per day. I think reciprocity makes you a whore.

Anyway, I have been enjoying Sanity's Edge a lot lately. Some of the dating tips had me laughing so hard, I got a bloody nose.

Newer Type Blogs:

I am going to be watching Tom's Nap Room. I stopped by to vote in the New Blog Showcase and was chuckling at this post about Paul Krugman.

Same goes for King of Fools. Just planning on driving by, but stopped for a longer visit.

The Everlasting Phelps has an interesting post on Skidmarks (The Underwear Kind).

It's Saturday. Not much happens on the 'sphere then, so check these blogs out.

Bruce Willis In Iraq - Media Is Biased

Ten years ago, Bruce Willis, working behind a bar in Chicago for a charity event, made a Bombay Saffire and tonic for me. It was a strong one. Good all the way down. My grandfather used to say you could tell a lot about a guy by the way he pours a drink - meaning how strong it was.

Anyway, I digress. Now Bruce Willis has moved up another notch in my book if this is true...he offers an additional bounty on Saddam. 1 meeelion dollars.

While his band is entertaining troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, he made some nice remarks about Saddam, "the liberal media", and the great job our troops are doing. Check it out.

Telemarketing F--Ks

Man, Mr. Green and Straight White Guy have me charged up about these idiot telemarketers...

Okay, so maybe only two hours after the Do Not Call List was frozen, my family received over 30 calls. 3 Telemarketers left messages - probably in desperation because they were worried that the List would go back into effect and wouldn't be able to call back.

The bastards called this morning, too. Before the appropriate hour. And now you have to be careful of signing anything because there might be a "call me even if I am on the Do Not Call register" clause.

And last night, I received a call with an unkown number (caller id), and preparing to rip into whoever was trying to sell me something, I answered the phone, "What the f--K do YOU want?!". It was my mother calling from England. *Sh#t!*

So, here is what I propose.

1. We find out which eight Congressmen voted against the DNC register and which 5 Senators abstained from the vote and get them unemployed.

2. Next, since Dave Barry bombarded ATA with phone calls and didn't affect them a whole lot, I suggest we make the telemarketing companies and the names of their employees public. Put up billboards with their company and names - "Have these f--ks called you?". Ostricize them so badly that they would feel like the Captian of the Exxon Valdez when they go shopping or take their kids to school. I want their children to think that their parents killed Santa Claus.

3. Tony pointed out that this has been done before, but we publish the home phone number of the judge and we all give him a call at home at 7:30 pm tonight - right in the middle of dinner with his family.