Why did the 3rd Infantry Division have the lowest Rifle Qualification in the US Army?
Next Salvo is Launched Against the Lord of Pings

Today's Stuff

Bad Money has Blackfive vs. French Man - check it out to see what happens.

Hamas kills innocents (including many, many children) so the Israelis take out their leader. Now, Hamas is calling off a cease-fire?!! WTF and NEWSFLASH, I thought killing kids was an official-enough statement to end any cease-fire. While I am not a big fan of Israel, they certainly have every right to defend themselves against disgusting animals like Hamas. I hope they all go out like their cowardly leader.

This is the next movie that I am going to go see.

File this under "What an Ass!" category.

Anyone who puts up a post like this gets blog-rolled.

Glenn from Hi, I'm Black has a letter from White Glenn, the Enemy, on why he won't get linked - it's because he's black. Now, I know why the Enemy won't link to me. I'm Blackfive. That racist, puppy blending enemy! Glenn - we gotta stick together, yo