Next Salvo is Launched Against the Lord of Pings
General (ret.) Wesley Clark

Todays News

Hey, the Israelis blew up another 4 terrorists - while Abbas and Arafatass duke it out for control of the security forces. I think Arafatass has sufficiently proved that he can't control Hamas or the security forces (or that he has even tried to use them to suppress terrorism). If he wins this round, the road map will be officially road kill. There seems to be some debate over whether the Ham-asses are terrorists or militants - I prefer terrorists, but I also prefer to call them what they are - "murderers" of children.

I watch the Amazing Race religiously. I have tried to get my father-in-law to apply with me to be contestants in the race for the last year or two. Anyway, the winners of the 1 meeelion dollars last week were the gay, married couple Chip and Reichen. They made the cliche' announcement after winning that "It was about showing the world that gay people can do anything that anyone else can do..." Really? (sarcasm starts here) I thought being gay meant you were physically handicapped....(sarcasm ending). Even my wife groaned when Reichen said that statement. More on those Idiots at the Advocate's web site.

Get a look at Mars soon. Wednesday at 4:51am will be the best viewing time in the Midwest.

Rachel Lucas has watched Bowling for Collumbine by that jackass, Michael Moore, and has a great rant about it.

News updates:
Last night, I went out for a walk and ended up at Borders. There, on a table in the very front of the store, was Al Franken's new book. So, I picked up a copy, paged through it for about five minutes, decided it wasn't worth my time, and went back to looking at other books (I read at least one book per week). Anyway, I began to notice how many customers stopped by the Al Franken table, picked up the book, paged through it, then put it down again and went about their business. Not that I know anything about book sales, or that my observations at 7pm on a Sunday night at a Chicago Borders has anything to do with it, but it seemed that no one was buying the book. It hasn't made the NYTimes top 30 list yet - I think it hasn't been out long enough to register. Time will tell. My five minute perusal review: It was boring. Calling Bill O'Reilly, Bill O'Lie-ly, was about the most entertaining blurb I could find after skimming through about 100 pages

Check out the new site Mr. Green - a viceral rant letter to PETA.