Phil Update:
Why did the 3rd Infantry Division have the lowest Rifle Qualification in the US Army?

The New Blog War - The Opening Salvo

Blackfive, still healthy, closes in on The Enemy and awaits a message from the Alliance HQ.

Alliance HQ:  *static*....ssss, Blackfive, come back.....

Blackfive:  Blackfive, here.  Axis of Evil Naughty troops in the open - tango romeo one niner....FIRE FOR EFFECT!

Alliance HQ:  Fire for effect, tango romeo one niner.  On the way!

Blackfive: Splash!  Good hit!  Good hit, over.

Alliance HQ: Nice work, Blackfive.  Alliance, out.

That's what you get when you take a Paratrooper with a M.S. in Computer Science and a fully licensed copy of Photoshop and enter a Blog War!