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August 08, 2003

All Things French - Gaul is Doomed.

Original Blogspot Post - June 19, 2003
You have heard about Chirac wanting to counter the American influence. You have heard about his obstruction to the Iraq War. Why is France dealing with Hamas and not any other terrorist organization? Well, now is the time for you to understand the reasons behind anti-Americanism in France.

Below are several links about why France is destined to head into depression, revolution, and destruction.

Steven Den Beste always has a great insight into interesting topics like why France is doomed. Read his Best section.

James Lileks is a syndicated columnist with a dry wit. His blog is here. Check out June 19th's blog on Mr. Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility meeting Mr. MOAB.

Rachel Lucas shares some thoughts - she is one of the best bloggers.

What Can You Do?

1. Well, for one thing, stop buying French goods. I don't mean to have you become rabid anti-French Americans, but please think about what you purchase - it's your right to spend your hard-earned money the way you want to spend it. If you can't do without Evian, that is your choice. I choose to try to purchase other products because of the actions and machinations of the French government...and because I have stood on the cliffs at Utah beach and could see how impossible it must have seemed for the American Rangers to scale those cliffs to liberate France. And they did it. By god, they did it. And Chirac has been thumbing his nose at us in typical French intellectual arrogance for awhile now. This kind of stuff tends to really, really piss me off.

This boycott isn't easy for me either as I have given up Glenlivet. I have recently become an admirer of Aussie Wine and Danish Cheese. Look for the "Product of" or "Made In" on the package. Don't freak out when your pack of mints has a France label on it. Just keep it simple - remember not to buy it next time.

Also, this means that you can visit a French restaurant outside of France - just don't buy the French wine or cheese. By boycotting restaurants outside of France, your message is not to France but to the hard-working non-French people that work there. So stick to French products.

2. Try to read what you can and understand what is the underlying factor here. Does France believe that Saddam had WMD? Every news article or quote from before the second vote in the UN indicated that France supported our efforts and believed Saddam to be a threat. Why the sudden change in attitude? Why the backstabbing efforts? Why is France meddling with the roadmap for peace in the middle east?

France is pushing the EU to become states in the European Union much like states operate in the US. This is to save their own depressed economy and to counter American influence. They are in a lot of trouble and are seeking to change Europe to save themselves. The less America can influence other European nations (like Italy, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, etc.), the more likely France will be able to push any reforms it wants to enable through the EU - reforms that would benefit the French by saving the French economy, culture, and political structure.

3. Don't travel to France. Goes along with number 1 - just thought I should make sure that I was clear. By the way, if you do go to France, at least visit Normandy. Visit Omaha and Utah beaches, visit the memorials to the paratroopers of the 82nd (US), 101st (US) and 6th (UK) Airborne Divisions. Go to the cemetaries and look at the 10,000 white crosses. Hopefully, this will give you some appreciation of how important your actions really are...

Thanks for listening!

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