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Kindle Price Drop Sale

If the hamsters all spun in their cages as planned, a price drop sale began an hour ago on the Kindle version of my short story "Flight of the Fantasy



and on the Kindle version of "A Different View: DJ, Doura, and Arab Jabour (Volume 3)



Flight of the Fantasy has been getting some very good reviews (and my thanks to those of you who have read and posted your reviews!).  ADV3 has also gotten some very good things said about it (check out the cover blurbs), and has an amazing introduction by Sarah A. Hoyt as well as a foreword by my Playboy mentor David Mecey (link may be NSFW).  

The lowest prices are now, and they will bump up back to full price over the next week as the sale progresses.  If you have Kindle Unlimited, they are free and you should get them.  Sale ends at midnight next Thursday.  

NOTE:  If the hamsters didn't spin, and Amazon reverted to 0600 Pacific instead of 0600 Eastern as intended, the sale will start at 0900 instead.  

USArmy AH-64 Apache helicopter pilots, assigned to 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, conduct aerial gunnery operations during Joint/Combined Training Exercise Furious Talon on Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, in the Republic of Korea, May 6, 2015.

U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jesse Smith and Pfc. Chung Il Kim


Photo - Stinger Cockpit

Hires_150428-F-WJ663-395cAn Air Force pilot and co-pilot return to base in an AC-130W Stinger II after a live-fire mission to support Emerald Warrior on Hurlburt Field, Fla., April 27, 2015. Emerald Warrior is the Defense Department's only irregular warfare exercise which allows joint and combined partners to train together and prepare for contingency operations. The airmen are assigned to the 73rd Special Operations Squadron. 
U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Cory D. Payne 

Free Fire Zone- Kudos to the Texas Sheepdog

We call jihadis like the ones who attacked in Garland Texas Known Wolves. They were on the radar screen and somehow we failed to stop them from making their attack. But one member of our law enforcement community who didn’t fail is the officer who put down these two rabid dogs in the parking lot. His courage under fire saved countless lives and we salute him for his valiant efforts.

We call officers like him , and the many other police, fire, first responders and military personnel, who protect the rest of us, sheepdogs. They battle the wolves so that we don’t have to. This officer is a fine example of the breed. In the face of two Islamist fanatics wearing body armor and charging while firing AK 47s, he remained calm and killed them both.

So from all of us who sleep safe in our beds because rough men (and women) like you are standing watch, thank you Sir

New CJCS nominee Dunford - "Not a Cyber Expert"

President Obama has nominated current US Marine Corps Commandant General Joe "Fighting Joe" Dunford to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).  As such he would be the President's top military advisor and would replace General Martin Dempsey.  The anecdotal reporting from multiple vectors is that General Dunford is the right pick and that the President should be lauded for this selection. #CreditWhereDue   

General Dunford's a "proven combat leader who had distinguished himself as commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan in 2013-2014 as foreign forces shifted responsibility for fighting the Taliban to Afghan troops. Dunford also commanded a Marine regiment early in the Iraq war."  h/t:  Washington Post

With all the big ideas that the JCS has to wrestle with, I found this article on Dunford a particularly odd take on the nomination.  In it, The Hill's Cory Bennett opines that the President opted for a "strategist" rather than a "cyber expert" to execute the recently published DOD Cyber Strategy.  Apparently, despite all his other qualifications, including being the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the cyber zealot class things SecDef Ashton Carter was selected for his cyber expertise.  (He was a physicist, not a computer guy, but what do I know?)  The article presents a view point that a number of recent DOD appointments were "cyber" focused.  (Umm, ok..)

President Obama’s pick to become the nation’s next top military officer, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., bucks a recent trend of cyber-focused appointments.

“He’s not a cyber expert,” said Peter Metzger, a former CIA intelligence officer and Marine who served with Dunford on four occasions. “But he doesn’t need to be.”
Cyber military specialists believe the Obama administration is seeking an operational expert and relationship builder, not a technological savant, to carry out Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s recently unveiled cyber vision.
“They went with a strategist,” said Chris Finan, a former military intelligence officer and adviser to the Obama administration on cybersecurity policy. “An operational artisan.”

I agree with Metzgar and Finian that there is a need for a "strategist" in the role of CJCS.  I am amused at the degree to which Bennett rates the Cyber Strategy on the Chairman's agenda. 

While cyberspace in  undoubtedly important, apparently Mr Bennett is unaware that there are two able four-stars (USSTRATCOM's Commander as well as Commander of USCYBERCOM/DirNSA) that are more than capable of focusing on the the implementation of the cyber strategy.  And, if one understands the strategy, every Service Chief and all of the other Combatant Commands will also be keenly focused on this, particularly in terms of policy and resourcing.   The Chairman has much larger fish to fry, including the "pivot to Asia" (however that manifests itself), the continuing struggles with ISIS/AQ et al, and Iran's territorial ambitions - as well as a shrinking force, an aging fleet, and a recalcitrant air power Service insisting on going their own way.  

Cyberspace is important, but it isn't the Chairman's biggest issue.



Photo - Farewell Salute

Hires_150428-N-GR120-204BU.S. Navy Cmdr. Joshua Sager salutes from the cockpit of an F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft before taking off from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility, April 28, 2015. Sager is the outgoing commanding officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 11. 
U.S. Navy photo Seaman Anna Van Nuys