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Posted By Grim You might like U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments.  

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Brian Stann - The Dark Side of a Warrior

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Brian Stann should not be unknown to you. Below is the citation for his Silver Star award as a young Marine Officer.

The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star Medal to Brian M. Stann, First Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy as Second Mobile Assault Platoon Leader, Weapons Company, Third Battalion, Second Marines, Regimental Combat Team 2, SECOND Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM from 8 May to 14 May 2005. During Operation MATADOR, Second Lieutenant Stann led his reinforced platoon on an assault through a foreign fighter and Mujahedeen insurgent defense-in-depth to seize the Ramana Bridge north of Karabilah, Iraq. On three separate occasions, he traversed four kilometers of enemy occupied urban terrain in order to maintain his battle position. With each deliberate attack he controlled close air support and the direct fire systems of tanks and heavy machineguns destroying enemy positions along the route. At one point, the enemy massed on his platoon and fired over 30 rocket propelled grenades, machineguns, detonated two improvised explosive devices and attacked the unit with three suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices. Second Lieutenant Stann personally directed two casualty evacuations, three vehicle recovery operations and multiple close air support missions under enemy small arms, machinegun and mortar fire in his 360-degree fight. Inspired by his leadership and endurance, Second Lieutenant Stann's platoon held the battle position on the Euphrates River for six days protecting the Task Force flank and isolating foreign fighters and insurgents north of the river. Second Lieutenant Stann's zealous initiative, courageous actions, and exceptional presence of mind reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

Via Ranger Up, retired MMA fighter, USMC Officer, and now an ACC football announcer for Fox Sports, Brian Stann opens up and talks about his dark side.  After all of things he's seen as a fighter, but especially as a Marine...I'm not sure if this should have a NSFW label on it or not.  You be the judge.

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Those damned relevant Google Ads...

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Google Ads.  No matter what you do, they get by you and might even counter the point that you were intending to get across.  Take this little piece by Deebow, about the changes in uniform characteristics in order to accomodate females in the military.

I am going to refrain from jokes regarding wider areas for hips, waists and backsides, changes in knee pad placement, the need for elbow pad adjustments and anything regarding "longer and wider" in regards to jacket size.

- See more at:

Google reads that quote and WHAMO!!! Proper Ad Placement as shown below.  Sending an inter-office memo to the D-man right now!


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Bin Laden is still dead

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Ranger Up has a limited run of their "We Will Not Falter.  We Will Not Fail" t-shirt.  That is all.


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The Brand New and All Around Badass Ranger Up's "The Damn Few" full 30 minute episode

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NSFW (Language and one SEALY!)

Over at Ranger Up's Rhino Den, you can watch all of "The Damn Few" episodes INCLUDING THE WORLD PREMIERE OF THE FIRST FULL LENGTH "THE DAMN FEW!"


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Duffel Blog Makes the W.S.J.

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Congrats to our friends over at the Duffel Blog for making the big time.  And for being responsible for filling my inbox with irate emails demanding that we here at B5 take action over one of their stories...

General (ret) Mattis agrees:

..."The lads have a well-tuned sense of humor and convincingly imaginative 'reporting' that bode well for a country that could use some laughs," said Marine Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis, who just retired as head of U.S. Central Command. "I think the writers know that we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously."...

Visit the Duffel Blog here.

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Duffel Blog: The E-4 Mafia Strikes Again!

Posted By Blackfive

Over at the Duffel Blog, there's this gem: 

Obama’s Pick For Secretary of Defense Under Fire For Connection To ‘E-4 Mafia’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A political fight has been ignited after President Obama announced the nomination of former soldier and Senator Chuck Hagel to Secretary of Defense. The choice is seen as controversial due to past comments from Hagel about Israel, gays in the military, and shadowy connections to a group known as the “E-4 Mafia.”

Read more: 
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Other E-4 Mafia policies that SecDef Hagel will instill will be to lower the drinking age to 18 on military bases, eliminate haircut inspections, and "kegger Thursdays."


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The Battle of Hoth Deconstructed by Spencer Ackerman

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The Attackerman should be known to most of you long term readers.  He's been at Wired's Danger Room for a few years now and done some good work there.  But this, this is definitely his finest hour...for all the nerds of geek-dom, I present to you, your new King...  

About the Rebel's defensive shield and ion cannon:

...Its outermost perimeter defense is an energy shield that can deflect Imperial laser bombardment. But the shield has two huge flaws: It can’t stop an Imperial landing force from entering the atmosphere, and it can only open in a discrete place for a limited time so the Rebels’ Ion Cannon can protect an evacuation. In essence, the Rebels built a shield that can’t keep an invader out and complicates their own escape...

It's a great piece and worthy of your time, but I think our friend and Editor of Wired's Danger Room, Noah Shachtman, should ask for this week's pay back from Spencer...because, come on, if you know the Attackerman, you know he wrote this manifesto during recess in the 5th grade.

Go check it out.  The comments are awesome, too.


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Blackfive Shocking Confession Stories #3: Court Martial!

Posted By Laughing_Wolf B5SCS1a
It's time for another shocking sordid tale of naked confession.  This time, however, it's not me.  Instead, it's one of the best stories I know of manipulating the system.  Heh, more than manipulating, but will put my thoughts down below the fold since they are not PG.

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Blackfive Shocking Confession Stories #2: I Cheated At Marksmanship

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

Well, that is what the other party claimed -- I will let you be the judge.

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