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A little non-sparkly fun on the Fourth

All Army PRT Reflective belt policy, version 3

A good friend and camp follower of Blackfive made this little show for us.  Those of you who've been subjugated upon a FOB somewhere know exactly what this is about.

Any of you with merchandising and manufacturing skills, well, you know where to reach us.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend!


Download All Army PRT Reflective belt policy, version 3

Spread the Word - New episodes of "Enlisted" start this Sunday, June 1 at 7/6c on Fox.

You can go here to Foreign Policy and read why "Enlisted" is the best show on TV.  ENLISTED is the FIREFLY of comedy.


And while the show has been canceled, there are four new episodes that you absolutely will NOT WANT TO MISS.  They will be on every Sunday in June with the finale airing on June 22.  

These are the best four episodes for the show. The episode airing June 1 is supposed to be one of the funniest, and the finale should be incredible. It brings Sgt. Hill's PTS storyline full circle.


B5, Out.


What Did Ranger Up Know and When Did They Know It?

They posted this NSFW video back in March (and we posted it here).  Seems like they already knew about problems in the VA.  It makes you wonder how Ranger Up was all over it, but folks like Senator McCain are shocked, SHOCKED!, I tell you.

Also, Ruby Flippers? Nicely played, Rangers. Nicely played.

The Rules For Successful Platoon Sergeants...

A good read for the weekend as we watch events in Russia unfold. 

This is my own take on how the next guy down in the platoon can help the next guy up be better, and maybe make the next guy down better for it as well....

I have much to say about the Bear going over the Mountain (again), but that will come later.

Offered without apology....

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Palate Cleanser - Gunny Bryan Wallgren's John Glenn Speech

The initial assault on Marjah, Afghanistan, was about to commence in February 2010. 1/6 was going in to a Taliban stronghold laden with IEDs, snipers, and insurgents.  Around 8,000 ground forces and 7,000 support troops were involved including American, British, French, Canadian, Estonian and Danish forces under ISAF Command.  After speeches to the Marines by the officers, Gunnery Sergeant Bryan Wallgren, A/1/6, decided to really motivate his Marines...his words were the last they heard before boarding the helos...

He received a Commendation Medal with V for Marjah. And some of you might have been one of his students at the JWTC 14 years ago...