How Do We Fix The Problem?

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

On Facebook this morning, I asked for people to put forward ideas on how we fix the problem of the troops being treated as infants.  In my previous post here you (our readers) posted comments discussing all the ways this was being done -- and the problems created by the practice.  Deebow had a comment that included a suggestion I liked, which was to get Gen. Mattis involved in the reform. 

So, sound off!  What suggestions do you have to fix the problem? 


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Cyrenaica / Libya

Posted By Grim

I am looking for people familiar with conditions in eastern Libya, in the region known as Cyrenacia (or Barqa).  If any of you, or one of your contacts, is such a person please let me know:

grimbeornr "at" yahoo "dot" com

Thank you.

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Semi-Annual Disclaimer

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

I ran this back on 1 March, but think I am going to be posting it every six months instead of once a year.

The ideas and opinions expressed by me are mine and mine alone.  They do not represent the view of any other author, authority, or non-authority blowhard; any U.S. federal, state, or local government agency or administration; the Department of Defense, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, the Civil Air Patrol, any national or state guard unit or organization, any national or state reserve unit, or other military or quasi-military agency of the U.S. or any other country or entity; any sponsor or donor; the Politburo, the pirates of lower Arbat street, the Diet, or any other foreign government, government agency, or administration; any employer or client; any spouse or significant other; any past, present, or future mother-in-law, in-law, out-law, cousin, aunt, uncle, or other relative; any friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or that strange person down at the coffee shop; any supervisor or person supervised; any organization for which work is done on a paid or volunteer basis; the dog, the cat, and most especially the wolves; and, are neither approved or disapproved by any employer, client, member of the government, or any corporation or other business entity.  If any person, agency, organization, employer, or other desires to pre-approve content, they can bite me, knowing that I bite back and have been learning from the best.  If any person, agency, organization, employer, or other desires to chastise, reprimand, discipline, demand changes, or otherwise express opprobrium for my thoughts and work posted here, there, anywhere, or even in private, they may do so as allowed by law; however, I once again suggest they bite me.  All provisions, decisions, declarations, demarcations, and other are subject to availability and no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.  Tag, tax, and title are extra.

Any comment, or post by another author, belongs to the person or thing who wrote it and is their problem, not mine; and, leaving said post or comment up here, there, or elsewhere does not imply or acknowledge acceptance, agreement, or even that it has been read.  Comments are subject to the rules as set forth in comments policy, and registering and posting is agreement to and with said policies.  Comments are subject to counter-commentary, praise, ridicule, change, deletion, alteration, or pretty much whatever I choose to do either upon mature reflection, profound thought, wild hair or on a whim.  Regardless of category of the latter, all decisions are final and not subject to appeal, redress, or even to be given a dress. Frocks are extra.

While the right to an opinion is respected, there is no legal, moral, or ethical requirement that all opinions have to be respected, because quite frankly, some of them are so poorly thought out, posited, or considered so as to be beyond idiotic.  Nor do I acknowledge or accept that all opinions have equal value and acceptance by myself or anyone else.  They don’t.  Deal with it.

I also want to note that I am no longer affiliated with Cooking with the Troops in any capacity, and do not speak for them, act for them, receive messages or mail for them, or do anything other than hope that all enjoy Bob's barbecue (the sauce is good!). 

This concludes the declaration, and we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

C. Blake Powers

aka Laughing Wolf, LW, etc.

Update from Blackfive: Disclaimer, in place since 2003, is available on the far right side bar or here at this link.

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You Sicken Me....

Posted By Deebow

Not that I haven't had a sickening feeling from politicians in both parties whose spine has an elemental consistency that ranges somewhere between gelatin and mannecoti since about 2008 (ish), but the blood pressure machine was about to spontaneously combust after I saw this about the testimony of the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods and then read this list of the people who walked out that hearing.

And one name stuck out to me because her hackitude is epic; Rep. Tammy Duckworth. 

I have searched for a way to say this, but I can think of no other way:  You madam, are an epic POS. 

You, Representative Duckworth, of all the people who sat on that esteemed panel, should be acutely aware of what must have been running through the minds of Tyrone and Sean as they waited on the ground for a rescue force while enduring hostile fire.  A rescue force, that it turns out, the President in Name only was of no mind to send, because he had something pressing in the morning and he wanted to get his rest. 

You, having endured being grievously wounded and fighting to land an aircraft that was falling out of the sky in hostile territory probably can tell the story of how the minutes felt like hours until you saw a QRF that had IR "U.S." tabs on the chest plates of their IBAs coming to secure your aircraft, help treat you and your crew for your wounds, and evacuate all of you to safety at the risk of their lives so that you could be treated and returned to your families.

I bet you are glad that the QRF did their duty November 12, 2004 huh?  Couldn't be bothered to do yours though right?  Didn't you want to hear how those men and those families deserved the same response you received?  For you to walk out on those families and not even give them the common courtesy to listen to their story speaks to the epic hackery that is your career in politics and speaks volumes of your (in)ability as a leader.

You have insulted those families by refusing to hear their concerns, as elected representatives are duty bound to do. "Leave No Man Behind" evidently means nothing to you, along with your oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

My bet is that you don't know this, but when you are a leader, you can't just take the easy ones, you have to take the hard ones too.  And sometimes, you have to do the hardest thing and take the lead when you are in the wrong and make something right, that in this case, has your political party's fingerprints all over it.

But evidently, that is just a bridge too far for you because your allegiance to your party trumps your humanity, integrity and common sense.  You dishonor your service to this country as a member of the US Army and as a Congresswoman and your dereliction of duty is noted.

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The Troops As Infants

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

This morning, a graphic made the rounds on Facebook purporting to show the number of mass shootings on military bases before and after the gun ban.  The graphic was questionable in some regards (gun ban started under Bush Sr. and was taken to new "heights" by Clinton, numbers not verified, etc.), but it raised a much larger and more interesting question:  How has the whole idea of infantilizing the troops worked out? 

Just a bit over a year ago, I was asked for an honest opinion by a commander over something done months previously to which I was witness.  Short version is that because the commander wanted to make a good showing at something, he had ordered his troops locked-down (confined) to barracks so that no one would/could drink the night before.  My response that if he wanted his troops to act like adults they should be treated as such was not well received, but did appear to sink in at least somewhat. 

I would invite you to share your thoughts over on my Facebook page (specific link here), and for those of you who aren't on Facebook, here.  What have been the results of the ongoing efforts to treat the troops as children who not might make the "right" choice but as children who WILL make the wrong choice gone?  Is it time to rethink not only the gun ban, but the entire philosophical approach? 


PS:  One, Facebook has the old Soviet crowd green with envy over the perfection of the memory hole, as not only did the graphic disappear but all posts related to it/linking it.  Two, my page is approaching 500 likes, would love to break that number and if I can tell who was #500 and #501 I will send them a print if they like. 

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Challenge To Old Media: Remember Them

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

For once, I find myself completely and totally in agreement with President Obama:  the shooter yesterday was a coward, who committed a cowardly act. 

As such, I will not name it as it deserves no fame, no recognition, only obscurity.  Already its photo is huge upon many homepages, front pages, and other media outlets. 

Stop It. 

These names, their photos, their stories, deserve to be writ large in memory bright:

Michael Arnold

Sylvia Frasier

Kathy Gaarde

John Roger Johnson

Frank Kohler

Vishnu Pandit

Bernard Proctor

No only is it the right thing to do, but I will bet that any outlet that bucks the trend and does so will do well by it.  Do the right thing, the different thing, and push it off the front page and put them upon it. 

Remember and honor them and the others murdered and wounded yesterday.


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Navy Yard Shooting

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

I'm covering this on Facebook, and want to remind everyone of the following:

Initial Reports Are Always Wrong

That said, it appears to be a multiple-shooter event.  There are NO accurate numbers for wounded/killed at this time.  Twitter #NavyYardShooting brings you the best and worst of coverage/discussion.  The only confirmed info out right now from the Navy says that there are multiple injuries and reports of fatalities, but latter are not confirmed.  

All we can do now is hold those affected in our thoughts and prayers, wait for real numbers and solid info, and hope for the best.  Oh, and let idiots self-identify. 


UPDATE 1356 hrs:  The only solid info right now is that three wounded were transported to the hospital, and that is because the hospital confirmed it.  Of the three, all were reported consious and alert.  They also confirmed there are casualties, no word on number or anything else. That was a few hours ago.  It appears that there was more than one shooter, but that is not confirmed.  The old media has once again identified an innocent person as the shooter, and there is a LOT of bad info out there.  Take anything in the media with a tun of salt for now.  Is things develop will update at FB and here as I can. 

UPDATE 1400:  Per Navy, shelter in place order remains in effect.  RPT Shelter in place order at Navy Yard remains in effect. 

UPDATE 1430 Hrs:  DC Mayor and Police Chief are confirming that 12 have died, police are seeking two suspects, and that FBI is taking over as lead agency for investigating the shooting.  Navy has confirmed that shelter in place order remains in effect.  Situation is still active. 

UPDATE 1455 Hrs:  As a result of the incident, the Navy has issued an "Order to Account" for all Navy uniformed personnel, both active duty and selected Reserve, assigned to commands in the D.C. metro area. The order also applies to family members, Navy civilian employees, as well as, NAF and NEX personnel. Personnel muster through the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS). To muster, visit the NFAAS website at  You know the drill, report in.

UPDATE 1500 Hrs:  White male being sought has been identified and is NOT a suspect or person of interest.  Search continues for "B/M 50 yrs, w/rifle, drab olive military uniform" 

UPDATE 1630 Hrs:  Transcription notes from press conference.  Press conference notes: additional suspect still being sought; no idea of motive at this stage, that will be investigated, no reason to suspect terrorism but not ruled out; additional victim has died (male); no additional information on victims at this time; baseball game is postponed; still active scene, please continue to shelter in place if there/nearby; still looking for info from public on shooting/shooter; FBI confirms Alexis is shooter, seeking info, everything they can about him, his associates, etc.; oh sweet fluffy lord save me from politicians near a mic; FBI dot gov will be releasing information; 13 confirmed dead including shooter, a "dozen or more wounded" or injured without being shot; we don't know that there's a second gunman on the loose, but need to run down lead/info; multiple engagements with suspect leading to final gun battle with suspect; one of the worst things we've seen in DC. Another press conference in two hours.

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Anyone in the Media want to ask Howard Dean About This?

Posted By Deebow

He had quite a bit to say about foreign policy and war in the Middle East back in 2003....

Maybe you could have him on the Sunday Shows, do an analysis, quote for quote, then to now?  You know, kind of a comparison thing.  I promise, there is much to be mined here:

"When Congress approved the President's authorization to go to war in Iraq, no matter how well-intentioned, it was giving the green light to the President to set his Doctrine of preemptive war in motion. It now appears that Iraq was just the first step. Already, the Bush Administration is apparently eyeing Syria and Iran as the next countries on its target list."

This dude should get a lottery ticket, how could he have known that?

"Theirs is a radical view of our role in the world. The President who campaigned on a platform of a humble foreign policy has instead begun implementing a foreign policy characterized by dominance, arrogance and intimidation. The tidal wave of support and goodwill that engulfed us after the tragedy of 9/11 has dried up and been replaced by undercurrents of distrust, skepticism and hostility by many who had been among our closest allies."

Wow.  That sounds pretty familiar.  He must be reading the latest updates on the interwebs....

"This unilateral approach to foreign policy is a disaster. All of the challenges facing the United States, from winning the war on terror and containing weapons of mass destruction to building an open world economy and protecting the global environment can only be met by working with our allies. A renegade, go-it-alone approach will be doomed to failure, because these challenges know no boundaries."

Hmmm.... You don't say?  Unilateral action is bad?

"Even the largest, most sophisticated military in the history of the world cannot be expected to go to war against every evil dictator who may possess chemical weapons. This calls for an aggressive and effective diplomatic effort, conducted in full cooperation with a united international community, and preferably with the backing of the multilateral institutions we helped to build for just this purpose. This challenge requires treaties such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that this Administration has sometimes treated cavalierly. In any case, war should be a last resort or an option to be used in the face of an imminent threat."

Anyone of the alleged journalists out there want to ask him about his apparent change of heart?  I guess having principles and beliefs is tough...

It is a short, but interesting read...  And before you do, see someone with an Air Assault Tab to get some TAPE, Pressure Sensitive (100 MPH variety) and wrap it around your head first so the hypocrisy doesn't cause your head to explode.

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Syria: An Interesting Conjecture

Posted By Laughing_Wolf

For those who are familiar with the real reasons Russia went into Georgia a few years ago, an interesting discussion on how pipelines may be figuring into the current politial calculus is up at ZeroHedge.  There usually is more than one level in these considerations, even if one in particular dominates the thoughts of top leadership. 


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Unicorns, Rainbows, Lollipops and Puppies

Posted By Deebow

I would like to know if anyone has seen my unicorn?  It must be around here somewhere.  Hang on....  I got it.  I know where it went.  It must be the same place the Anti-War Left has been hanging out, because I can't find either of these these mythical beasts anywhere.

Wasn't it awesome when the Anti-war Left actually had the courage of their convictions to protest both LBJ and Nixon instead of just protesting a Republican president who went to war in a Middle Eastern country based upon a brutal dictator suppressing his own people, using and possessing chemical weapons, using them on innocent people, using "hard intelligence" about WMD and terrorism as justification and getting approval from Congress and making his case to the American people.

But no word yet on the march to Washington by the mythical Anti-War Left against a Democrat President who wants to start a war in a Middle Eastern country based upon a brutal dictator suppressing his own people, using and possessing chemical weapons, using them on innocent people and using "hard intelligence" about WMD and terrorism as justification and trying to get approval from Congress and making his case to the American people.

What about it Anti-War Left?  Gonna get your march on?  Cat got your tongue?  I know, it must be hard to criticize the President you voted for based upon his ability to stop the seas from rising and heal the planet, what with everyone who speaks out against his policies being called a racist for just opposing him on principle.

And it was nice to see that Code Pink got their act together enough to show up to protest both this Secretary of State when he was giving his statements to both houses of Congress, and the first black woman to hold the post as well when she was talking abou the last great Persian Excursion.  Must have been hard to protest a fellow traveler who was for it before he was against it, especially since many in this administration spent the last administration talking about how bombing dudes with WMDs was wrong and immoral, and getting the help of Code Pink in their government funded publicity stunts.

"It is for me, but not for thee" I guess....

And why in the world has the smartest president EVAH! decided that we should become AL-Qaeda's Air Force in their hour of need?  This fight between the "Crips and Bloods" of the Middle East is best left to them, so that we can reduce the number of people we are going to drop some more Tomahawk missiles on to a more reasonable number after a winner is decided.  I mean, really, who would not want to watch Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda shoot each other in the face?

But if our plan is to launch some missiles so that we can hopefully hasten the downfall of the Assad regime, so that Al-Qaeda can get their hands on a country with WMD, then Bravo! Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner, your plan is working perfectly.  It is not lost on many of us the irony of a Nobel Peace Prize winner bombing a country further into the Stone Age.

The Russians and the Chinese know the Preezy of the United Steezy is a scared punk who is trying desperately not to look spineless after talking about "red lines" and then spending these many months not rushing to judgment over Assad high jumping them.  I mean, Arabs killing each other without WMD involvement is all kinds of copasetic with him, and destabilizing an entire region and flipping the bird to our only ally in the region are just a serendipitious benefit of what this administration does.

"Red Lines" mean something, and the hypocrisy over the issue of dictators who have WMD and use them on their people would be laughable at this point, except those on the Democrat side of the fence fail to see it, so that just makes it sad that anyone with two functioning brain cells would vote to have any of the current players in this administration run anything more complicated than the Fry Station at Mickey D's.

This collection of mental midgets and their RINO enablers have no idea what words like "Commander's Intent" mean; let alone simple words like "Objective," "End State," or even "Victory."

Can you imagine what the rough draft of that Commander's Intent statement looks like?

Commander's Intent:  To destroy Syria's ability to use WMDs (Oh wait, that sounds too aggressive). To hinder Syria's ability to fight off Al-Qaeda (hang on, can't talk about Al-Qaeda, people might think they are not "on the run" like I told the Media everyone).  To harass and hinder Assad's lines of communication (wait, harassment is something I should check with HR about).  To look strong in the face of adversity and confirm our belief in red lines and how they should not be crossed. (looks like a winner).

The fact that Bella Pelosi has a 5 year old grandson with a greater intellect and understanding of foreign affairs than she has was among the most unsurprising things I have encountered this year.  Even he understood that becoming decisively engaged in this region of the world was a bad idea. I was even less surprised when she wasn't able to make the case to him.  I guess her plan is to vote on the resolution and then read it.

Liberal Trolls are going to hate me (more), but that doesn't leave me sleepless, because liberal trolls aren't scary people.  I don't give two poops in a pocket if Assad kills his own people or kills Al-Qaeda while he eats halal goat and sings the chorus of "There is Nothing Like A Dame" because when there are two groups of people deciding they want to kill each other, and you don't like either one of them and they certainly don't like you; you don't offer charity to either of them in the form of Close Air Support and weapons so you can look "strong."  You pop some corn, order a pizza and watch the show.

It will not all of a sudden be a world that includes all of the warm fuzzy's in the title once the Tomahawk missiles and Mark 82 Rockeyes stop raining down, it will be much messier, much more complicated and galactically more dangerous.

It will not be another Iraq.  It will be much worse.  This is a bell that cannot be un-rung.  It is dangerous ground Mr. President, and your hubris is showing...

Leading from Behind isn't and Campaigning is easy, it is the governing that is hard; but I bet you knew that already....

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