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Book Review: Monster In The Closet

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Monster In The Closet by Karen Rose intertwines murder, relationships, secrets, family, and lies. Using her potpourri of characters she writes how close knit family and friends come together while fighting the dark and scary monsters.

The cast of characters might have been a bit too much but it is the relationship aspect that spurred the story on. Rose delves into the darkest corners of humanity, while showing that there are people who will step up to make their world safe. Many of the characters in this novel went through some horrifying experience and had to face some kind of trauma. It is this common thread that binds the characters.

Rose commented, “It was a different book for me. I wrote it in the beginning of 2016 when we lost three people in our family, within a three-week period. I was grieving and needed to write something with a REAL happy ending. Although I was contracted to write another book, the one that will come out in February, I needed to go back and visit with my characters, my old friends. The first parts written were the touchy, feely scenes and then I later added in the mystery/suspense.”

The plot begins with eleven-year-old Jazzie Jarvis witnessing her mother’s horrific murder at the hands of her father, Gage. Unfortunately, her five-year-old sister, Janie, is also traumatized when she sees her mother lying in her own blood. Jazzie has not spoken since the incident and Janie has nightmares. Trying to help the girls cope and heal emotionally they are taken to Healing Hearts with Horses that provide therapy to traumatized children. Their counselor, Taylor Dawson, also faces her own set of demons.   Lied to all her life about her real father, Clay Maynard, she's constantly looked over her shoulder in fear. Now she's ready to face her past and find out if the man she's feared all her life is truly the face of evil her mother painted him to be.

This story is tension filled. Rose delves into the backstory of many of her characters, each with their own horrific situation, whether having been kidnapped, abused, or shot. Readers will go through a gambit of emotions with these family and friends. 51wrCRYAGhL._SX308_BO1 204 203 200_