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World Peace Report- Flight MH-17 What Happened? What next?

The shootdown of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 shocked the world. The Russian-led separatists in Donetsk appear to have shot it down in error while trying to take out another Ukranian military aircraft. The crash scene is compromised and there is no guarantee that an investigation will properly assess blame or anyone will be able to dispense justice. If it was not an intentional targeting of civilians then it was neither terrorism or a war crime.

It remains to be seen what will come of this, but it hardly seems likely to lead to peace or stability. Some may hope this will lead Putin to reconsider his reckless adventurism. I am not one of those, and believe if anything Russia will admit neither blame or culpability. If heads roll among the rebels, it will probably be for internal discipline and not justice. 

There are no international organizations that can assert control or demand accountability. Obama and the rest of the lead from behind caucus are calling for the Europeans to raise up and take control. That won't happen and Putin may even use this to gain more advantage. Weakness inspires tyrants. Where is America? We are the only force that can check the Russians and Obama is on permanent vacation.

A good take on this by Tom Rogan at NRO.