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Does the President Really Believe that this War Is/Will Be Over...?!

The Hollow Army And How to Prevent/Fix It

Over at the Politico is a great piece by COL (ret) Douglas Macgregor about how the U.S. Army is headed for collapse. 

...In March 2014, when 80,000 Russian armored combat forces were poised to invade Ukraine, the U.S. Army was incapable of deploying an effective combat maneuver force to Europe or anywhere else.

How did this happen? How could an Army of 550,000 with 32,000 troops in Afghanistan’s forward operating bases fail to provide more than two combat-ready brigades, roughly 8,000 men under arms, to deploy and fight?

The answer is deceptively simple: It’s by design....

But that's not all.  

Read the whole piece to see what the Colonel says is the solution:  http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/06/how-to-fix-the-us-military-107337.html#ixzz33bHQuRVp