How the Taliban Wound Up with Stingers
Photo - Medical Evacuation

SecState Kerry Says Claims that Prisoner Swap Will Endanger Our Troops is "Baloney"

First, did I miss something and the Cleveland Cavaliers management is now working prisoner swap deals for the Obama Administration?

Back to John Kerry's latest gaffe...

Yes, he said on CBS that more troops (or Americans) will NOT be in danger from these people...maybe he's hoping (or is confident) that we won't find out about it.

..."These guys pick a fight with us in the future or now or at any time at enormous risk. And we have proven what we're capable of doing with al Qaeda," he said. Though Kerry did not go so far as to say the U.S. would kill them, he declared, "No one should doubt the capacity of America to protect Americans."

He said it was "baloney" to suggest that more U.S. troops will end up in danger from the Taliban because the administration has demonstrated its willingness to engage in a prisoner swap...

Enormous risk?  You think the Taliban are worried about enormous risk?! 

The enormous risk is trusting John Kerry and the Obama administration.