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VA Accountability Project Moves Forward

UPDATE:  According to the Washington Free Beacon, Senate Bernie Sanders on behalf of all Senate Democrats refused to the request for immediate consideration.  To make it even more interesting, when it was pointed out that veterans were dying as a result of problems at the VA, Sanders remarked "People die every day." 

Beverly Perlson let me know last night that HR 4031, the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014, passed yesterday in the House.  If you are not familiar with the bill or the VA Accountability Project, you should be.  While the VA just seems to be making the news now, it's been a known problem for years, and Pete Hegseth and the Concerned Veterans for America made it a focus a while back.  HR 4031 is a good step forward on dealing with some of the issues at the VA, and you should check it out.  Especially as it now goes to the Senate and Dead Horse Harry Reid.  Check out the bill, and let your Senator know your thoughts on it and the need to move on this issue NOW.