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Steve Russell- A good man for Congress

Not just a good man for Congress, but a good man period. Steve Russell is the real deal. I had the privilege of meeting him and working with him on several projects a few years back. He has been active in the Oklahoma legislature and now is going to come to the House of Representatives. I say going to come, but I want you to help make sure of that. I am sending some funds his way and I hope some of you will too.

A few short notes about him that will give you a feel for him. He commanded the battalion that had responsibility for Tikrit and the surrounding areas during the hunt for and capture of Saddam Hussein. As a Lieutenant Colonel he was involved in a vehicle chase and firefight that led to him personally dispatching the brother in law of one of Saddam's sons. He was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor S a result of that action. He was at the forefront of efforts to make sure we didn't cut and run from Iraq before we won that war and has been highly active in current efforts to take care of veterans.

Bottom line is that he is too good a man to be in Congress. But since he is willing to take one for the team, we should back him up. Here is the donate page and feel free to share this info around.