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Kramer and Putin

A Request For Assistance

First, if you would be so kind as to check out the brand-new Mission: VALOR website, it would be appreciated.  The content is still a bit rough, but it gives you an idea of what we want to put in place.  Those of you who like This Ain't Hell (liking the snazzy new look!) might enjoy one particular policy we are putting in place.  Constructive suggestions for improvements, features you want, etc. are VERY much appreciated.

Second, we have already been asked to take part in two events this month and do other work that can help address the crisis in veteran employment. So, I'm trying to raise funds to help with start-up costs since everyone from the IRS on down has their hand out, er, fees and such.  You can donate via my GoFundMe, or hit the tip jar in the upper right at Laughing Wolf and select second best to use PayPal.  I'm glad to tell you exactly where the money goes/how it is spent too.