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The Netherlands Remembers: Il Silenzio

Posted By Laughing_Wolf • [February 12, 2014]

Amidst the chaos that is the world, we need to take a moment to reflect on the good and the profound.  We need, I need, to call out some of the good even as I call out that which is not.

In the Netherlands, on "Liberation Day" there are memorial services across the country for the Allied troops who died in that liberation.  Families still adopt graves of those troops, and maintain them in honor.  At these memorial services, since 1965, the service concludes with the playing of "Il Silenzio".  Beverly Perlson shared with me this amazing, no, astounding performance by a then 13-year-old Melissa Venema backed by the Royal Orchestra of the Netherlands.  As someone who played trumpet in high school, I tell you that what you are about to hear is the voice of an angel rendered through brass.  Dust Alert. 


A small bit of beauty and good to share with you today.


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