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Some good reads worth your time

Posted By Blackfive • [February 13, 2014]

Each of these deserve their own post about them; however, there is not enough time.  Let me sum up.

Stormbringer (Sean Linnane) - The Real Afghanistan: A Marine's View

Military Times - Fallen Medic Receives Silver Star

Smithsonian - The True Story of the Monuments Men

The Shreveport Times - Barksdale Mysteries Continue to Raise Questions

Brookings - Afghanistan's Presidential Elections Go Awry

Not from the Duffel Blog - Jerusalem Post - Iranian Admiral: The US can expect heavy losses at sea should it attack Iran

Not necessarily a read but a watch...Nancy Pelosi says, "We did not treat President Bush this way!" - Um, yeah, lady, you treated him worse... - Youtube


Next, pre-order this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!


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