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Bad News: Lost Digger Found - Requiescat In Pace

Two Weeks ago, an Australian Soldier on leave in the US went missing.  An massive search in the Upstate NY area near Plattsburgh, NY ensued.  Sadly his body was discovered on Wednesday (Jan 15).

I'm glad that his body was found, although clearly I'd rather it be happier ending.  

Requiescat In Pace, Digger.



RAYBROOK, N.Y. —Police say a nearly two-week search for a missing Australian solider is over.

The body of 31-year-old Paul John McKay was discovered Wednesday morning on Scarface Mountain.

McKay was in the Adirondacks after taking leave from the Australian army. Police add they have no idea why McKay came to northern New York. He was last spotted on Jan 4th at the train tracks on Route 86 near the correctional facility in Ray Brook.


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