Liberating the memorials
Video: M.O.H. Ceremony for U.S. Army Captain Will Swenson

Liberating the Memorials part II

Yesterday was a beautiful exercise in reining in the excesses of a government that has overstepped its bounds. The government works for We the People and when the motley collection of tools we have hired to run it cannot aggregate their fecal matter, it can get ugly. But what we will not tolerate is a tyranny of petty bureaucrats exercising powers they only borrow to protect their fiefdoms by punishing We the People.

Closing the World War II Memorial and all the other open air monuments is a sorry example of this type of excess and we will simply not allow that. So we didn't. Thousands of Americans, veterans and supporters, peacefully assembled and petitioned their government for redress of a heinous grievance. When our finest generation finds themselves shut out of their own memorial and unable in their twilight hours to pay respects to their fallen comrades, we have a problem. And We the People fixed it.

The barricades were removed and stacked, and some were even delivered to the tyrant in chief to remind him what the pecking order in this country truly is. While the headlines are sensationalizing the presence of some riot police near the White House, that was a minor distraction. The real event was a gathering of eagles and sheep dogs to put the pigs of Washington on notice. You are not more equal than others. You are servants of free people and we can and will throw you out of your cushy sinecures where you sup at the trough of the hard-earned wages of better people than yourselves.

It was a positive and wonderful reminder that America still belongs to We the People. Here is a look at some of the democracy in action with a stirring soundtrack provided by a band many of you are familiar with, Madison Rising. Their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner will get your heart pumping, your eyes welling and remind you just what is so exceptional about America.