Ranger Up Talks Suicide, Day 2
Photo: Hornet Launch

Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down

"Return to Mogadishu” chronicles the journey of Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker’s return to Mogadishu, Somalia, as he reflects on the experience that transformed his life twenty years ago. As the film revisits the traumatic events of October 1993, we learn about the routine military mission that went awry and quickly unraveled into brutal warfare. It was in the middle of the violent combat when Struecker realized that He was free to LIVE because he wasn’t afraid to die.

The video should be available on Friday.  Will post details when available.  Check the site also.

Here is the trailer:

A few years ago at the David L. Grange Best Ranger Competition, Uncle Jimbo and I were able to talk with (then Chaplain) Jeff Struecker, about being a chaplain of Rangers. Check this out: