On 9/11, two pilots in unarmed F-16s were ready to ram their jets into United Flight 93
Photo: Staff Sergeant Abby

Ranger Up Talks Suicide, Day 7

Suicide series#3

Today is the final day in the series.

Start with Kelly Crigger's hard look at Suicide is Selfish. It is an unflinching look and one you do want to read.

Then, RU Rob wraps up with What's Next?  The answer is, a lot.

There is no one approach that works for everyone, and there are a host of factors involved.  Can the military, particularly the Army, do better?  Yes.  Can WE do better?  Yes.

Reach out.  Stay in touch.  Share the articles.  Join in discussions.  Help find solutions that work on the small scale.  Help make changes in the large scale so that more will take advantage and get needed help.  Fight.

Yes, fight.  This is no less a battle than combat, and lives are on the line.  The lives of those who serve or have served.  Your brothers and sisters in arms.