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Ranger Up Talks Suicide, Day 3

Suicide series#3
Today brings you two remarkable posts.  The first is by Mr. Twisted, and to call it information and fact-dense is an understatement.  He has done us all a huge service by digging into numbers, trends, and the lack of serious study of the problem.  Among other things, the rate of suicide has gone up not just with the generation currently serving, but among older veterans too.  A lot of memes being pushed as fact don't (yet) have a real basis in fact, and the fact is that we need some serious studies to establish them.  The memes that only the weak, that current troops are at greater risk than older, and that this is a new problem are hindering and not helping.  That we don't have good data, that there appears to be a long-term latency cycle, and other important points are there.  In terms of analysis and study, I think this may be the single best article I have read in any media of any type (public, academic, other) at any time on this subject. 

The second post is powerful in a different way.  SFC (R) Michael Schlitz talks about his own thoughts on the subject, and how those thoughts were things that also helped him get through portions of his recovery from extensive burns and the loss of his hands.  "Why? " is a post you need to read, and his offer and links are things to keep onhand. 

Suicide is not a problem of just current troops.  It is a problem that spans generations and wars.  It is a problem that metaphorically is like finding yourself in the dark in a swamp, and no maps, rece, or intel on your location or best paths to get out.  There are individual lights out there like SFC Schlitz who can help those who are close enough and choose to go to his light and voice; but, we urgently need to do more.  We need intel so that we can better chart the swamp so as to help all who must go through it.