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9-11: Thoughts and a Call


I've written before about The Day, and today I found that those words are gone courtesy of the cyberattacks that claimed both my former sites.  In all honesty, I'm not sure that is a bad thing or that the world is any poorer for it. Last year I wrote in optimism, courtesy of the visit my niece and greatest nephews made to a memorial I still can't go to. 

This day is a hard one for me, perhaps the hardest since The Day. 

That morning saw me early in to work at NASA, to see what had come in overnight and scan the news sites to get a brief of the day.  When the first report came in of a plane hitting the World Trade Center, my first thought was an accident, something on the order of the B-25 that hit the Empire State Building.  That thought was dashed within minutes, and I made several calls duty required, then tried my best to keep up with what was going on via any channel I could. My boss at the time was a former "EWO-ready" type, and I think he and I were the only two with any military experience or knowledge in our parent organization.  I know I freaked out one person when I was able to tell my boss "The President is NEACPed" pronouncing it 'knee-capped' and having to explain the term, and then explain that Air Force One was also the lead National Emergency Airborne Command Post.  I also still want to dropckick the genetials of every smug bastard who rags on Bush for his actions that day so hard that said genetials become earrings, but that's another rant.  That morning, I was focused on gathering hard intel and coping with shame.

I was of a generation that grew up with MAD, EWO (Emergency War Orders) and worst-case planning, and the Cold War, which was oft far warmer than the public ever knew or wants to know.  I had been thinking about the unthinkable since early high school, and in to national security issues since my senior year.  I knew that many good things, smart things, put in place during the Reagan years had been torn out or down by a later administration.  By that time, I was no longer as involved with such things as I had been, as Cold Warriors were a dead and dying, and unneeded, breed according to that administration.  Honestly, I was glad to step away for a number of reasons.  Very glad, until The Day.

That morning, I saw the failure not just of one particular administration, but of all of us who had sworn to be prepared.  The fact that we had not pushed, kicked, screamed to prevent some of the dismantling, or to get new preparations in place that we knew were needed.  That day, I felt fear as we waited to see if there was more to come, anger at what had been done, and shame that it had happened and that those of us sworn to prevent such had failed no matter the reason. 

For a brief moment, we as a Nation were one.  The Giant sat up.  Sadly, the strings of partisan politics and special interests were merely loosened, not removed; and, more strings have gone into keeping The Giant down. I honestly believe that for the last eight years that our leadership "class" has been far more interested in venal partisan and personal gain than in being statesmen and doing what was right for the country.  Elements of our military leadership have been far more interested in returning to looking good rather than fighting good, and enacting social experimentation within the ranks even though they know that it will cost lives, battles, and even wars in the long run. 

It is not our moral compass that is off.  It is much worse than that.  Many of those who "serve" in leadership have not just lost their way, they are convinced that we the people can't and/or should not be allowed to make decisions for ourselves, that we are not capable.  They see the opportunity to become rulers, royalty, and claim us as serfs.  They are more than willing to do almost anything to gather short-term power, forgetting that such ensures long-term ruin. 

I was silent once before.  Go here to watch and remember what came when we were silent.  Go here to remember, and breathe.  Remember those who danced in the street in delight at our deaths.  That is what comes of silence, of the failure of good men (male and female) to act. 

Remind the self-annointed aristocracy that they are servants, and force them to be good and faithful servants rather than the venal self-serving things they are.  Listen not to the chanting priesthood that is the media.  Remember, think, and get angry.  It terrifies enemies at home and abroad that the sleeping giant was awkened and they work to try to put it back to sleep.  Bring it fully awake, and fill it with great and terrible resolve.  Awake Republic, while you still can.