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Captain Wales recently took a walk in Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery.  A friend of mine posted the note below on Facebook, and I asked if I could share it with all of you.  If you read another post today, read the one above about Harry and Todd Nicely ("The Prince and the Marine").

From Maas, second generation paratrooper:

Prince Harry.

I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. They call him the Warrior Prince

After seeing the day at Arlington my gf asked why do you guys like him so much. 

That’s an easy answer but it’s difficult to explain. I told her there were thousands of 28 year old pilots in US military doing the deed everyday through out our history. And not one of them laid a wreath at Arlington. That’s a high honor for a very young CPT.

There is a historical bond in the military between the British and us. We based our ranks, organization off them. We also sent soldiers to fight with them more than once.

If there was any guy in the world who could pick another job, it’s him.

He didn’t become a community activist, he didn't order the Naval Special Operations team to kill OBL, and he didn’t marry a woman who for the first time felt pride in our country was only when her husband got elected. He grew up being proud of his country. Just like every military family.

He served one tour on the ground and another as a pilot. And from a buddy flying MEDEVAC with the Brits covering, I was told that he was deadly serious about his job. 

And while this may make a few of my family cringe...He rated everyday naked in Vegas.

There is a picture of him walking among the graves. Politician’s lay wreaths and family members visit the one grave . Only Warriors do that walk. That’s why we like him.

He’s one of us. And if in 5 years he’s still alive and naked in Vegas we’ll only love him more.