An Open Letter to the Wounded of Boston From Wounded Veteran, Army Sergeant Peter Damon
Photo: Boston Coast Guard Patrol

Semper Fi Fund opens America's Fund to care for and support the victims of Boston

Always Faithful.  The great team at Semper Fi Fund are moving fast to help the victims of terror in Boston.

Semper Fi fund through their new group, America's Fund, steps up to help the victims in Boston.  Through America's Fund, they have set up the Boston Marathon Relief Fund to aid the recovery from this homeland terrorist attack, collecting donations that will directly assist victims of the Boston bombings. Assistance will start with the most critically injured and expand as we receive donations for this fund.

America has supported the Semper Fi Fund for 10 years now with over $74M in support to our service members; now it's our turn to help and be there for Boston!

Visit the America's Fund website to support the Boston Marathon Relief Fund. Simply include “Boston Marathon Relief Fund” in the comment section.

A long road to recovery for many involved in The Boston Marathon bombings.

As a program of the Semper Fi Fund, we have set up the Boston Marathon Relief Fund to aid in the recovery of those injured in this attack.

America has supported the Semper Fi Fund for 10 years with over $74 Million in support for our wounded service members; now it's our turn to pay it forward.

Won't you help us "Be There for Boston" as we offer love, support and immediate financial assistance directly to the injured in their hour of need?

You can make a difference:

1. Donate Now:
(Simply mention "Boston Marathon Relief Fund" in the comment section.)

2. Click: to learn more about our campaign to "Be there for Boston!"

3. Share this effort with your family and friends so they can help us help others!