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Guest hosting Frank Gaffney's show tonight

  Posted By Uncle Jimbo You can hear the show tonight at 9pm on WRC AM 1260 http://www.1260wrc.com/ . Guests are Andy McCarthy of National Review, Matthew Brodsky of the Jewish Policy Center, Claudia Rossett from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and author/filmaker Jeremy Scahill. We talk about Boston bombers lack of interrogation, Syria, the UN and America's Dirty Wars.

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Photo: Best Ranger 2013

  Posted By Blackfive

A soldier touches the Ranger tab after completing the rope crawl portion of the water confidence obstacle during the final day of the 30th annual Best Ranger Competition on Fort Benning, Ga., April 14, 2013. U.S. Army photo by Patrick A. Albright

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Defense, Security, and Intelligence pieces from Brookings

  Posted By Blackfive
Thought you might appreciate some or all of these posts by the good folks at Brookings.
Below are some of the latest news and views from scholars at the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at The Brookings Institution:

Are All Bets Off?  

With reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria,Brue Riedel says that President Obama has a big decision to make…  


The Triple Crown 

In an interview with the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research,Peter W. Singer discusses what Gulf monarchies can do to increase defense cooperation and ride herd on local troublemakers…


Time to Pony Up

With a post-2014 civil war not out of the question, Afghan officials must stop horsing around and face the country’s deteriorating governance – made worse by its illicit economies – writes Vanda Felbab-Brown


How (Not) to Throw a Nuclear Derby Party

Bruce Riedel details the Israeli decision in 2007 to attack a Syrian nuclear facility and the politicization of American intelligence, which can often put the cart before the horse...


Jockeying for Position

It’s unclear why Russia needs so many nonstrategic nuclear weapons, notesSteven Pifer, but the U.S. and NATO want to put these tactical devices out to pasture…


The Pick Six

When deciding strategy,Paul Pillar says you need to know your advisors’ true areas of expertise, if you don’t want to end up backing the wrong horse…


Down the Home Stretch

With Hamid Karzai’s presidency rounding the curve to its end,Michael O’Hanlon and Michele Flournoy think the U.S. must set expectations now for Afghanistan’s upcoming elections…

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The Most Fun You've Ever Had With Your Clothes On

  Posted By Blackfive


U.S. Marines exit the back of a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter while conducting a parachute operation during exercise Eagle Reslove over Qatar, April 26, 2013. The helicopter crew is assigned to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 266. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Christopher Q. Stone

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First Amputee Graduates from the Air Assault Course

  Posted By Blackfive

Wow.  Just wow.

Sgt. 1st Class Greg Robinson has become the first amputee to complete Army air assault school, a course so grueling his prosthetic leg broke twice over the 10 days spent rappelling down ropes, navigating obstacle courses and completing strenuous road marches...

Go here to read the whole story.

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Looking for photos of fallen vets

  Posted By Uncle Jimbo

There is a wonderful memorial near where I live to Rocky Versace, an Alexandria VA native, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism while a POW in Vietnam. There are also inscribed the names of other Alexandria area vets who gave their lives while serving. The folks who run the memorial are asking for some help.

  As the "Friends of Rocky Versace" prepare for the Memorial Day Ceremony at Rocky's Plaza in Alexandria, wanted to ask you if you have any ideas about "spreading the word" concerning the fact that the FoRV still are without a photo for 30 of the 67 men whose names are chiseled intop stone below their Gold Star?
  One of those men, SFC David Warczak, was in B-50/5 SFGA when he died in 1969.  Earlier this year, a fellow SF medic provided the FoRV with a photo of SGT Ray B. Brown, A 416/D/5 SFGA (Jan '64), and we were grateful for that.
  Here is a link to a story about missing photos:


Thanks in advance for any thoughts/help on the matter.

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Creative Suggestions and Donations

  Posted By Laughing_Wolf

I need some creative (real) suggestions to help me get to either Indianapolis or Lafayette on Thursday, earlier the better, then back down to Atlanta.  A car rental is $600 (best deal so far) with more than half of that being insurance I have to have.  If anyone knows of anyone travelling that way, or has other constructive or creative suggestion, would love to hear it. 

Two, it appears that Normandy is a go, at least in terms of transport.  Now, I need lodging, car, and some food would not be amiss either.  Please donate to either the Indigogo fundraiser or at my site if you would.  Anything helps!

Third, two short embeds in the southern hemisphere are in work.  These will require some commercial travel, so again donations are very much appreciated

Finally, if you are a company or organization that would like some targeted and productive advertising, please contact me here.  I will be glad to share information on demographics and options with you. 

Things are starting to move, and your help in making the most of them is very much appreciated.


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The Brand New and All Around Badass Ranger Up's "The Damn Few" full 30 minute episode

  Posted By Blackfive


NSFW (Language and one SEALY!)

Over at Ranger Up's Rhino Den, you can watch all of "The Damn Few" episodes INCLUDING THE WORLD PREMIERE OF THE FIRST FULL LENGTH "THE DAMN FEW!"


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A Reminder Of Why

  Posted By Laughing_Wolf

They are often called "The Greatest Generation" was given to me on Wednesday.  I had the honor of talking to the Vinings (GA) Rotary, during which I met a WWII veteran who is an active member with the organization.  Our talk led to finding out that he did indeed see the elephant while being a forward artillery observer in Europe.

Rather, he half saw the elephant.  When he turned 18 around 1943 and was accepted to Georgia Tech, he and other students went down and signed up.  He had everything they were looking for except one thing:  he was blind in one eye (since birth).  They did not ask, and he did not tell.  When the time came for his vision test, he very dutifully put his left hand over his left eye and read the chart.  When the time came to test the left eye, he put his right hand over his left eye and read with the right eye again.  He demonstrated to me what he did, and did it so well I can see how he got away with it then and two other times he had to take an eye exam. 

They did indeed stand up to serve, and did not let little things like age, blindness, or other things that could be hidden stop them.  Bless them all. 


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A Partnership with Lock-N-Load Java

  Posted By Laughing_Wolf


It has been a true pleasure in doing my recent product reviews to point out that Lock-n-Load Java not only seeks to provide good coffee to the troops, but that it also donates $1 on every order to a military charity.  To help get good coffee out to the troops, they also make it easy for you to buy and ship coffee to the troops. 

For many companies, just one part of that would be enough, but not Lock-n-Load Java.  I am pleased to announce that any unit I embed with for more than two weeks will be getting coffee sent to them by Lock-n-Load.  It's a way of supporting the embeds and giving a reward to a unit that is willing to have me embed with them. 

Good coffee, with a company doing good things for good people -- our troops.  You can't ask for more.  Check them out.


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