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Army Week NYC

It is a pleasure to be able to introduce you to something I've had a small part in helping get off the ground:  Army Week NYC.  Don't let the name fool you, this is not something that is or will be limited to New York.  Though it is starting there, it is for the whole country.  I'm going to let them tell it in their own words:

The American Soldier is your brother, your sister, your daughter, your son, your wife, your husband — and is an integral part of society as well as an integral part of the community.  Having this recognized and appreciated not just one week a year, but all year, is the goal of Army Week NYC. 

Our mission is to highlight the achievements, sacrifices, and service of those who have worn or currently wear the uniform of the United States Soldier, as well as their families.  By producing quality events such as the Army Birthday Gala, and other such co-branded activities created to make this week happen, we will create a multi-generational program that will help establish a “never forget” mindset with the public, and with those who have served.

Our events will recognize contributions not just on the battlefield, but here at home.  Veterans consistently give back to the community, and perform acts that make those communities a better place.  In addition, we will work with those communities to help welcome back their sons and daughters from service, to the benefit of all.  In addition, artwork, art programs, and other means of celebrating and integrating our veterans will be pursued. 

They are just getting started, and I would ask you to go check out their new website, “Like” their Facebook page and join their Twitter feed and check out their YouTube channel.  Most of all, let them know what you think by reaching out to them at info@armyweeknyc.com. Constructive feedback now, as they are just getting started, can help get you the information you need in the way you need it. 

Also, you should know some of the people involved. 

Army Week NYC is made up of Veterans, Reservists, Military Spouses and committed Community Members who care deeply about remembering who we served with, and why we served.”

Christopher Page 

Christopher Page is the co-founder of Army Week NYC and, until recently, Manager of Citi Salutes, a U.S. based program designed to support military veterans and their families in communities across the country by promoting greater access to financial services that meet the unique needs of our military veterans; supporting professional development, recruiting and mentoring programs; supporting community organizations that benefit military veterans and families; and providing a support network for retired and active-duty employees and those with deployed friends or relatives.  He is a veteran of the United States Army.

Heidi Mathis

Heidi Mathis is the co-founder of Army Week NYC. Most recently, she worked on the NYC 2012 Veterans Day Parade and produced the 2012 Veterans Week Inaugural Art Show for the United War Veterans Council that included over one hundred pieces of military and veteran art. A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, she reported for nearly a decade directly to the long-time Chairman and CEO of The Shubert Organization as Corporate Relations Manager handling New York City, state and federal government relations and special projects. Heidi is the daughter, daughter-in-law, sister and sister-in-law of United States Air Force officers and the spouse of a retired United States Marine Corps officer.

Board of Directors:

Gerry Byrne,            USMC, Vietnam Veteran 

Paul Bucha,             U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran 

Paul Critchlow,        U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran 

Scott Higgins,          U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran


There is much, much more to come.  So please go check them out, like them, and join in as they move forward with this effort. Also, constructive feedback on the website and such will help ensure it has the best utility for you as information starts to be added.