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Did North Korea test a bomb for the Mullahs?

My friend Jim Robbins makes a terrifying, but all too plausible point in USA Today.

So far, the case that Iran already has the bomb is largely circumstantial. Shortly after North Korea announced this month that it had successfully carried out its third underground nuclear test, Saudi Arabian news media reported that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, a leading Iranian nuclear scientist, was on hand for the blast. This should come as no surprise. Iran and North Korea have long cooperated on nuclear and ballistic missile technologies. Iran's ballistic missiles are based on North Korean designs, and the two countries have long exchanged defense scientists and engineers.

New weapon tested

Perhaps more important, the RAND Corporation reports that the third North Korean nuclear test appears to many experts to be fundamentally different from its previous two efforts. North Korea's first tests used plutonium to trigger the nuclear explosion. This one, according to some atmospheric tests, likely used highly enriched uranium, exactly the form of nuclear weapon pursued by Iran.

So Iranaian scientists attended the test and the bomb was likely the same type the Iranaians have been madly been spinning centrifuges to produce. Maybe F Kohn Kerry can use hus French-speaking skills to convince them to ban the bomb. Or President Obama could send some mor3e New Years presents. Or we can just wait for that inevitable mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. Something tells me Bibi Netanyahu isn't that patient or pathetic. Should be a lively Summer in the Middle East.