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Why Am I Not In Afghanistan?

Okay, there have been some questions raised and comments made, so wanted to get out this short version of why I'm not in Afghanistan.

As some of you may remember, I posted here a while back about finding an embed, and that post was answered by a very nice and competent PAO.  We talked, agreed on things, and began to work the effort.

This is where the first problem came up, and I take responsibility for it.  In working with an officer at the ISAF, I agreed to send him my application directly.  I know some of you are already shaking your head, and you are right to do so.  After many weeks of no response, I discovered that he had left theatre and had apparently done no handover.  This, sadly, is not unusual and I should know better having experienced this before.  As I say, this one was on me, and it cost me six plus weeks of time. I will also state for the record that I owe a particular SGT a beer, or two even, for his help in identifying the problem and working my application onto a fast track.  

This delayed thing so that a replacement unit became involved, and a higher.  Among other things, it turns out that someone didn't pass along some critical information, including the fact that I didn't count against deployment numbers.  This led to a series of exchanges and even in-person meetings.  I want to be on record that one such meeting resulted in a very good idea for a series of stories, that I wish could be done (and that I wanted to do).  However, given delays, issues, and more delays to come, the initial embed is dead.  

For now, I'm talking with some units, and hope to be having more good and productive conversations here soon.  Interestingly enough, while some of these embeds are overseas, not all are in Afghanistan and there is an interesting possibility I may be doing some stories here in the U.S. as well.  Nothing is finalized yet, so if you are a unit that would like to have me come spend time with you, U.S. or Allied, drop me a line and lets see what we can work out.

Anyone who cares to help is most welcome to hit the donation button, as such help is very much appreciated (and needed, to be honest) right now.  If a company would care to join Military Luggage and B.N. Shape Clothing as sponsors, then drop me a line (e-mail is listed over on the right) and let's talk as there may be some very unique and interesting opportunities to come.