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Where Is Sgt. Zuckerberg?

Okay, the article I recommend you read -- especially if you are a PAO -- is "Where is Lt. Zuckerberg" but I am going to go with my biases in regards rank (this or CPT).

The article looks at the currently abysmal military landscape in regards new media, social media, and how to harness same.  And, to call that landscape abysmal is being diplomatic.  While some in combat arms saw the potential and worked to harness it to accomplish the mission, many more did not, and the further away you got from the tip of the spear, and the less it is understood.  In fact, I would say that in my experience many in leadership away from the tip have at best an understanding of media and media economics based somewhere in the 1950s.  There will be more to come, including one article I wish I did not have to write, as some of this is explored.  Blackfive, and others here, provided input into what was to be the guiding article on social and new media policy, but what was recommended by us (and by military leadership at the tip) is not what was done.  The article does a good job of highlighting the conflicting guidance that stymies not just those on the outside, but those on the inside who are trying to understand and create an effective policy.

As for the title, I know the author is trying to imply a young visionary, who knows the subject, filled with drive.  That said, I think that what he is attempting to imply is better served with a private than a butterbar, in part because the lower enlisted ranks truly use social and new media, and have a far better intuitive understanding -- if not actual or academic understanding -- than most young officers I've met.  I also think that truly making change for the better is going to take some seasoning and knowledge of the system -- which means you need SGT or CPT in my opinion, for they would still have the knowledge and drive to go with an understanding of the system and how to push, as well as how to break the system a la Mitchell.  As a point on that, note the bio of the author.  Just my bias and thoughts...

Please go read, and if you are military leadership, you really do need to read this. 


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