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Why Didn't You Guys Tell Me?!

Want A Free Copy Of My Book? (Monday Too! Bumped)

If so, this is your lucky day, or weekend rather.  If you have a Kindle, the e-version of the book is free today and tomorrow (and maybe Monday). 

So, if you were interested in my photograpy and what Blackfive and JD wrote in the front, now's your chance. 

Oh, and if you do want the pricey version, it is not free, but located here



Also, thanks to my friends at The Jawa Report and to Instapundit for their support.  If you are not reading The Jawa Report you should be. 

UPDATE II (Sunday):  More than 1,400 copies were downloaded yesterday, and my thanks to all who did so.  I hope that those who do will leave reviews at Amazon.  The free download continues today too.  I have a post up to thank all of you who did so, and it includes links to related information.  Meantime, be sure to like and follow things on Facebook

UPDATE III (Monday Morning):  Thanks to all who have downloaded, and especially to those posting reviews on Amazon.  The latter will help with the next book in the series, among other things.  Apparently, because of the way things are set up at Amazon, you can download for free today too.  So, if you didn't get it, head on over!  Also, check out some of the other free offerings, as there is a lot of Kipling, a number of the classics, some other good stuff (Locke, Paine, etc.), and even a bit from our good friends at Baen Books.  So, what are you doing still here?  Git