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Target Strikes Again

This Ain't Hell has the story, and I think it is time to light them up again.  Target has had what I will charitably call an uneven relationship with the military.  The realized it a few years ago, and worked with the Legion and others to do right by some troops who lost everything.  Based on that, I started doing business with them again and let them know I had done so and why.  Well, not too long after that, their military liaison person changed and the new person was frankly pretty shitty to some VSOs (IMO), and seemed to not to want to hear from them or vets.  So, I cut back.  After this, well, they do have competition and if I can throw some business to some local stores, I'm glad to do it.   Let them know what you think, via the link at TAH or by contacting their corporate office and your local store.  Do both, cite dollar figures, and I bet this will all be a "big misunderstanding" and a manager not "knowing procedure" real soon. 


Oh, and you can let them know on Twitter @target, or pull up some contact info for their corporate HQ in Minneapolis, MN.