The Worrisome Veteran -- Updated
Bush's Gitmo evil, Obama's Gitmo just peachy

Good Hunting, Captain Michael Haley

Stars And Stripes has an article about a deployment ceremony, something with which most of us are all too familiar.  This National Guard ceremony is different from most only in a small regard:  the tearful goodbyes are being said by a state governor, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina.  The fact that this is newsworthy underscores the division between the military and the political class that governs it.  A few political families, however, remain connected.

Here at BLACKFIVE we support all our servicemembers who deploy to war in any capacity.  In taking notice of this I don't want to appear to be playing favorites.  I just want to take a moment to recognize how healthy it is for this kind of connection between service and politics to flourish.  We wish Captain Haley, and all his comrades, good fortune and a safe return at the completion of their mission.