Uncertainty as a National Security Issue
Where Is Sgt. Zuckerberg?

I'm a chicken hawk and you're a chicken

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post plays the chicken hawk card today, always the sign you have no real argument.

In Vietnam in 1968, two separate mine explosions left Chuck Hagel with shrapnel in his chest and burns on his face and arms.

This is not a man who is going to shrink from a fight with the chicken hawks of the Senate.

That right there is the kind of quality analysis you get with a Yale education.

Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.) called Hagel’s record “extremely concerning.” Sen. David Vitter (La.) said Hagel’s confirmation “would send exactly the wrong message.” Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) said Hagel’s views send “the worst possible signal.”

Neither Cornyn nor Vitter lists military service in his biography. Graham was an Air Force lawyer.

So obviously they are not qualified to pass judgment on nominees for Secretary of Defense. Oh wait, I guess they are only not qualified to oppose the picks of the gutsy caller. If you agree with the chosen President, you need not serve. I really don't know if Graham's service counts or if Milbank is actually nuancing the chickenhawk argument to say that non-combat-arms service doesn't count. Seriously Dude, we can talk smack about which service or job actually matters; but you are a punk ass, left wing butthead, clown, you don't get to. It is tough to plumb the depths of such world class douchebaggery. But let's keep at it.

Hagel, who fought from foxholes, knows better than to expect loyalty from former Senate colleagues

WTF does that have to do with anything?  Milbank doesn't know. That is a nonsequitur of epic proportions. But since he is carrying water for Obama, he uses it to do some ball-washing of Hagel. In this case, like that of F John Kerry, military service covers a myriad of sins like  coddling terrorists like Hezbollah, being wrong on Iraq and a serious case of moral equivalency about Israel.

But journalism at the WaPo doesn't require questioning their team about the past, present or future. Just finding the right way to package the propaganda.