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Culinary Command

Posted By Laughing_Wolf • [January 02, 2013]

While I have stepped down from Cooking with the Troops, I continue to believe that careers (and associated economics) are one of the largest and most important challenges facing those leaving service.  If not the most important, and I know others feel the same (such as Nick at Ranger Up). 

A while back, I (and CwtT) was able to be of some small help to a program aimed at helping veterans and troops move into culinary careers by providing a culinary boot camp.  Well, that program has learned, adapted, and become the Culinary Command.  If you, or someone you know, are a troop or a vet who is wanting to become a chef, check them out as they are now accepting applications.  I also know that those who went through the precursor have spoken highly of it, and are now helping spread the word about the revised program. 


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