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A Complex and Interesting Man

Bill Ardolino has an excellent post up about the assasination of Sheikh Aifan Sadoun Aifan al-Issawi.  He was one of the leaders who stood up and made the Awakening happen, and let it sweep into the Fallujah area.  That was a dangeous time, and an even more dangerous thing to do. 

I never got to meet the Sheik who brought it into the area of Baghdad -- he was killed before I arrived, and his son barely survived an assasination attemp after I got there.  I did get to meet one of the Sheiks who helped get things started out west, but he was a careful figure and sadly I did not get to interview him. 

The grudges from that time continue, as does the political maneuvering that will decide the future of that country.  Many there still view the ideal political machine as a medium tank, and assasination the best way to get what they want even as they settle old scores.  The politicians and other idiots who feel that peace is at hand and all is okay ignore reality, and the fact that things can still go very wrong.

Love him or hate him, he was a complex individual who did much good at a critical time for his country and ours. I bid peace to him.