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Mounted Marines

What is Wrong with you people?

First, this story about the treatment of a Marine amputee by Delta Airlines flight is horrific.

...Last Sunday, almost exactly a year since those grievous injuries forced him to learn to walk on two successive pairs of prosthetic legs, Brown was “humiliated” to the point of tears on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Washington after being clumsily wheeled to the back row of the plane, according to a complaint sent to the airline by an outraged fellow passenger.

 Worse yet, according to retired Army Col. Nickey Knighton’s detailed “customer care” report to Delta, efforts by several fellow vets to shift Brown from coach to a first class seat offered by another flyer, were rebuffed by the crew. Flight attendants insisted no one could move through the cabin because the doors were being closed for take off...

Wow.  Just wow.  I hope Delta responds appropriately.  Be sure to read the article and the last line is especially important.

Next, apparently, Marine Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, was in a brawl at a bar/party and was sent to the hospital.  Details over at the Quinton Report.

...reported that he was hit over the head with a bottle and, that while he was on the ground, he was beaten and kicked by up to ten people...

Maybe a FR platoon should go visit those guys.